Jan 15 2019

New PrimeRx™ Exception Report Ensures Accuracy and Integrity of E-Prescription Records

According to Becker’s Hospital Review, a leading source for healthcare industry news, 77% of all prescriptions were delivered electronically in 2017, which represents a 4% increase from 2016. With 1.75 billion e-prescriptions generated in 2017, pharmacies need to have systems & tools to seamlessly receive, integrate and fill prescriptions, and store both prescription and patient records efficiently and accurately. Micro Merchant Systems recently addressed this critical need in the January 2019 update released for its PrimeRx™ pharmacy technology system.  Among many system enhancements, the update includes a new e-prescription “exception reporting” capability.

“Pharmacists need to have full confidence in their system’s e-prescribing capabilities,” says Ketan Mehta, Micro Merchant Systems chief executive officer.  “Our exception reporting capability flags all data discrepancies and gives pharmacy staff options for taking corrective action.”

Following is an overview of the PrimeRx™ exception reporting capabilities:

The system will automatically generate an exception report whenever information contained in an e-prescription does not match information already on file for a patient, or with regard to specified drug information.  

  • The report will highlight all instances in which data or information are in conflict.  Any field with a data mismatch is highlighted in red, which allows a user to easily identify all outstanding issues.
  • The system includes “smart” functionality, whereby a drug will be dispensed – even if the drug listed on the e-prescription is not the same as the drug listed in the patient’s history – if PrimeRx™ determines the two drugs are “equivalent.”
  • Users can easily conduct searches based on a wide range of criteria including Date Filled, Patient Name, Prescriber Name, Drug Name, Insurance Company, Facility, and Drug Class.  A user can also use the search capability to research and address “mismatches” identified in the exception report. Users can tag a prescription for follow-up, conduct a pharmacist verification and edit a record to correct any data inconsistency.  Once a record is edited in the EditRx window, PrimeRx™ will compare that updated information with the electronic prescription.  If all data match, the record will be removed from the exception report. 

Pharmacists are embracing technology-based innovations that help improve efficiency and accountability.  PrimeRx’s™ “exception reporting” flags any potential data discrepancy and provides a pathway for the pharmacist to address any errors.  This is a tremendous advance in pharmacy management, and one more example of the critical importance of technology in today’s busy pharmacy.