Jun 09 2020

PrimeRx™ - Even More Functionality Through Partner Interfaces

What would have happened if Steve Jobs had decided to limit iPhone apps to only those developed internally by Apple technicians?  Fortunately we'll never know, because among Job's many visionary accomplishments, was the understanding that he and his contemporaries were building something exciting, but that could be made better by opening up the process to all great ideas.

A 2011 overview in The New Yorker magazine assessed Job's unique outlook by noting: "[T]here are more than four hundred thousand iPhone apps written by outside developers.  Some are even designed by Apple's competitors...and many are so inelegant that Jobs must have hated them.  Such apps make the iPhone messier than it would otherwise be, but they also make it much more valuable.

The point, it seems, is Jobs recognized extraordinary things were happening inside-and-outside of Apple's walls and was willing to embrace innovative new products offered by external developers.  This proved to be a very prescient attitude, as evidenced by 2019 New York Times reporting that the App Store was offering more than two million apps. 

A similar "let's use the best ideas available" mantra should also ring true in technology management systems, including the growing number of solutions targeted at pharmacy users.  Technology solutions are available that can automate key pharmacy functions and workflows, eliminate paper records, provide instant access to patient records and allow complete visibility into inventory, sales and other business metrics.  Pharmacies are more efficient and patients are better served because of technology.

But even the best technology systems can benefit from third-party expertise.  Every day, thousands of tech developers are working across the globe on new concepts.  Some of those concepts, when fully developed, will be truly outstanding.  Which is why a truly remarkable system will avail itself – when it makes sense – of new solutions that enhance its capabilities.

PrimeRx™ is an example of a pharmacy management system that recognizes the power of partnering with third-party providers that offer exciting and innovative solutions.  Currently, PrimeRx™ users have direct access from the system homepage to multiple third-party interfaces that offer capabilities ranging from delivery courier services to medication videos.  A partial list of PrimeRx™-partner interfaces includes:

  • Adherence
    • Prescribe Wellness – Helps community pharmacies expand their role and provide enhanced services to improve patient medication adherence, loyalty, and health outcomes.
    • ConnectiveRx – Integrated solutions that facilitate medication adherence strategies and help remove barriers to access and adherence.
  • Analytics
    • Mevesi Inc. – Superior analytics tool for community and institutional pharmacies.  The system enables data analysis and relevant report generation.
  • Automated Immunization 
  • Delivery Services
    • ScriptDrop  Seamlessly connects pharmacies to a network of trained, professional couriers for last minute delivery services.
  • Digital Patient Education
    • VUCA Health  Access to the world's largest medication video library as a way to educate patients about their medications, thereby improving adherence.
  • Electronic Health Records
    • DocNetwork – EHRs for camps, childcare and schools.
    • CorrectTek, Inc. – EHRs for correctional facilities
    • ECP – EHRs for assisted living facilities.
    • iCareManager – Technology for providers of long-term care and support.
  • Medical Data
    • CoverMyMeds – Software solution that automates the prior authorization process.
    • IQVIA - Solutions that allow automated prescriber verification, prescriber validation and medical license monitoring.
  • Will Call
    • Parata – Comprehensive pharmacy automation portfolio that includes dispensing, packaging and workflow management.
    • PickPoint – Provider of intelligent pharmacy solutions including a lighted will call system and remote dispensing system.
    • ScriptPro – Automated workflow solutions.
  • Workflow Automation
    • Amplicare Connect – Enables pharmacies to run automated phone call and text campaigns.

Again, this is just a partial list.  Each interface partner was selected based on two critical questions:

  • Does the product advance the PrimeRx™ system's effectiveness in providing pharmacies with a superior technology experience?
  • Does the product improve pharmacy workflow and overall efficiency?

For each of these interfaces, the answer to these questions was "YES."  As PrimeRx­™ continues to evolve to meet pharmacies' changing needs, there's no doubt that additional technologies will also receive a resourcing "YES" when the same questions are asked.