Feb 12 2020

PrimeRx™ Pharmacies can access Coronavirus Information via Elsevier's Resource Center

As the global health community continues to mobilize in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, it has become clear that information - clear, accurate and timely information - is among the most important tools in addressing the deadly illness.

Among those leading the way is Elsevier medical information service, which has launched a free Coronavirus Information Center as a resource for members of the public health community.  Medical professionals - including pharmacists who work daily on the front lines educating patients - are encouraged to visit the Information Center and avail themselves of the detailed resources available.

The Information Center is maintained by clinical experts from Elsevier's Global Health business, with content derived from scientific and medical journals and textbooks, educational products, Centers for Disease Control bulletins and relevant media updates.  Interested parties can access clinical resources and tools that include:

Elsevier is a leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. The company is an interface partner with Micro Merchant Systems, manufacturer of the PrimeRx™ pharmacy management system. Through this partnership, PrimeRx™ pharmacies have direct access to a range of Elsevier products including multi-lingual translation services, patient medication information, and updated drug listings. 

Through this partnership, Elsevier is pleased to provide PrimeRx™ pharmacies with direct access to its timely – and critically important – Coronavirus Information Center.