Is the software compatible for WORK COMP electronic billing?

Yes, we can bill Workman Comp electronic billing. We have all the fields required to successfully transmit a Workman Comp to Insurance.

Does the software have an option for batch billing? Meaning, can we bill for multiple patients and then submit and print the invoices once?

Yes, PrimeRxTM has the batch billing option (has had this for more than 10 years). You can batch all the claims together and then bill them at once. There is no restriction on the number of claims, nor is there a need to group them by Insurance, Doctor or Patient. You can keep on filling the Rx, hold the claims, and then batch and transmit them together. This will not only save a lot of time, but will also generate savings on your transmission.

Is there an option to view or run a report on new patients entered into the system for a certain time period? For example, can I check how many new patients were entered in the month of January with a list of their name, date of birth, date of injury and other applicable info?

Yes, we have this report. We have pretty much every report you can imagine that can be customized specifically to cater to your needs. Data mining, analytics and extracting business intelligence are a few of the many reports we are known for.

Does the software have inventory and compound tracking? For example, if we enter a Bulk Amount of a drug (gm), will the system automatically keep track of the small increments of grams used for dispensing?

Yes, we have complete inventory tracking. If you make a Compound out of 3 ingredients (NDC), and then dispense that compound, the system deducts Inventory from each and every NDC according to the proportion defined. Additionally, we have customized a feature in PrimeRxTM that allows you to choose whether you want the ingredient deducted from every individual NDC or the overall compound. In this manner, the system can handle both situations.

Does the software have an AR (Accounts Receivable) function and is it user friendly?

Yes, PrimeRxTM comes built-in with a complete House Charge System that allows you to post charges and payments, apply finance charges and print statements. Not only can you print statements, but you can also view them on the screen through the system if a patient calls in to verify a charge, etc. Our system allows pharmacies to efficiently generate over 2000 charge account invoices every month.

Is PrimePOSTM PCI-PADSS Certified or compliant?

Yes, PrimePOSTM is PADSS certified and PCI compliant.

Does PrimePOSTM integrate completely with PrimeRxTM?

PrimePOSTM is our own product that interfaces completely with PrimeRXTM to provide item sale and transaction tracking. This integration allows the ability to generate many intelligence reports, which can show valuable information (which copays were not collected, etc). PrimePOSTM has its own security manager and a whole list of reports which give the pharmacy an accurate picture of how copays are being collected and OTC movement. PrimePOSTM also interfaces with wholesalers to get OTC details and pricing.

Can CC and FSA/IIAS cards be processed through PrimePOSTM?

Yes, if the intention is simply to process CC transactions, we work with pretty much all the processors/CC vendors in the industry. However, if the intention is also to process FSA/IIAS transactions along with CC transactions, you will need to work with the vendor through which PrimePOSTM is certified. We are currently certified with the following vendors: HPS, X-Charge, First Data, Global, and Worldpay.

HPS, X-Charge, First Data, Global

HPS, X-Charge, and Worldpay offer their own secure gateway. We can communicate with the other processors through PC Charge Payment Server, a product that needs to be purchased through VeriFone.

Does PrimeESCTM interface with PrimePOSTM?

Yes, PrimeESCTM (Electronic Signature Pad) integrates seamlessly with PrimePOSTM. This gives PrimePOSTM users the ability to use the Signature Capture device as a Pole-Display and Credit Card Swipe. Additionally, it takes the signature on PrimePOSTM for HIPAA Acknowledgement/Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP), Rx Pickup records, CC signatures, IIAS/FSA Card signatures, and Pseudoephedrine (PSE) sale signatures. If the device is encrypted, it can be used as a PIN PAD. The integration with Electronic Signature Capture really gives the pharmacy the ability to use the device to its complete capacity in order to store and monitor information digitally.

Can Pseudoephedrine (PSE) monitoring be done through PrimePOSTM?

Yes, PrimePOSTM offers Pseudoephedrine (PSE) Sale monitoring. It captures the sale of PSE products and allows the tech to request appropriate ID from the Patient after which their information is stored with the transaction. It also restricts the sale of all PSE products to that patient if he or she tries to make a purchase beyond the stipulated limit provided by the state. PSE sale signatures are then stored and made available to be printed on reports when needed.

Are wholesaler Interfaces available for Price Updates and Inventory Receipts?

Yes, PrimeEDITM (Electronic Data Interchange) is available for all major wholesalers and allows you to update your cost. If you have PrimePOSTM, this integration allows you to add the items electronically with the retail and cost prices.

Can all CC Signatures be stored digitally?

Yes, because of the type of integration we have with PrimeESCTM, all signatures captured on the electronic signature pad can be stored digitally with every transaction in PrimePOSTM and PrimeRxTM (for Rx related pickup signatures). These signatures are backed up along with the rest of PrimePOSTM data on a daily basis.

Can I control what a user can and cannot do in PrimePOSTM?

Yes, we have a Security Manager that allows you to control various tasks that a user can and cannot do. You can control what your cashiers, floor manager, and Pharmacy Manager can do and what types of reports can they access. You have complete control over each and every individual task.

What kind of hardware do I need for PrimePOSTM?

PrimePOSTM is a true Windows based system, which runs on Microsoft® Operating System. As long as the operating system is a PROFESSIONAL edition, PrimePOSTM will work efficiently. We work with both 32 bit OS and 64 bit OS.
For peripherals, it is best that you contact us at sales@micromerchantsystems.com so that we can provide you the latest list of model numbers and items that we support. Those peripherals essentially include:
Cash Drawer
Epson Interface Cable
Thermal Receipt Printer
CC Swipe
USB Barcode Scanner

Do you do the complete Network setup?

We can do the networking between PCs without a problem but we recommend you get the cabling done professionally for a neat, clean and manageable look.<

Can I accept and process FSA/IIAS (Flex Spending) Cards through PrimePOSTM?

Yes, PrimePOSTM has been tested with certain CC Payment Processors and is listed as a certified application under SigIS. This means that as long as the pharmacy is a member of SigIS and undergoes a Third Party Service (TPS) provider certification, the pharmacy can accept and process FSA/IIAS cards. For more information and clarification regarding this process, please email

Does PrimePOSTM support Customer Loyalty Programs?

Yes, PrimePOSTM supports Customer Loyalty. The pharmacy can make its own custom printed cards with barcodes and assign them to its customers. The pharmacy can also define different reward tiers and, on every sale, points can be awarded to the customers. Once the customer reaches a defined tier, a discount coupon can be printed and applied towards an OTC Sale. The pharmacy has the ability to maintain and monitor the complete program on its own. If it chooses to work with a Customer Loyalty Management Company, we can provide an interface to work with that company.

Can one PrimePOSTM Station be operated by two cashiers?

Yes, PrimePOSTM can be configured to be operated by two different cash drawers on the same PrimePOSTM Station. This system also allows each cashier to maintain his/her own register balances and monitor his/her own closing reports.

What is the primary objective of this module?

PrimeESCTM can be used in two modes:
Stand-alone mode
When used as a Stand-alone mode, PrimeESCTM allows you to accept HIPAA acknowledgements, Rx Pick up records from the customers, and store signatures digitally in the system to be printed as and when necessary. This helps you to keep a track of all Rx picked up and not picked up, eliminating audit issues and confrontational issues with patients when they claim that they have not received their medication. When used alongside PrimePOSTM, the ESCTM (Electronic Signature Capture) unit can also be efficiently used as a POLE DISPLAY or a CC Swipe while storing CC signatures. PrimePOSTM is also used as a Pseudoephedrine (PSE) monitoring device to capture signatures of customers purchasing PSE OTC products.

What are the hardware requirements for PrimeESCTM?

Primarily, the VeriFone MX870 color device is used for PrimeESCTM. The power adapter and the blue cable also need to be ordered along with the VeriFone device. A swivel stand is recommended to help swivel the device either towards the patient or the cashier.

If we want to use PrimeESCTM without PrimePOSTM, can this module work on its own?

Yes, in stand-alone mode, PrimeESCTM can work on its own without PrimePOSTM. This independent device is attached directly to a scanner which scans the label barcode, captures the HIPPA Acknowledgement from the patient, and captures the signature of the Rx picked up. It then stores it in the PrimeRxTM Pharmacy Management System.

How does this complement workflow in the pharmacy?

On one scan, PrimeESCTM pulls all un-picked Rx for the patient and displays it to the patient so that he/she can sign for the Rx being picked up. These signatures are then stored in PrimeRxTM, marking the Rx as PICKEDUP. When reviewing patient history, PrimeRxTM color codes picked-up vs. not-picked-up records for easy identification, saving time and effort. The pharmacy staff can then look at the Rx and digital signature on the screen to know the exact date and time it was picked up. Additionally, all un-picked Rx can be returned to stock by printing a report that identifies all Rx that weren't picked up in a certain number of days. Needless to say, during an audit, the Rx picked-up report printed for a particular insurance between a given date range helps the pharmacy save money and valuable time.

Why is PrimeESCTM module important for Control Substance Reporting for the states?

Most states (especially NY) require Control Substance reporting in the ASAP 4.2 version. As of October 2014, New York requires that the reporting of Control Substance be based on Rx dispensed (or picked up) as opposed to the current format (where it is required that the reporting be done on the basis of Rx filled). Most states are going to follow suit. This basically means that the pharmacies need to report all Control Rx (C2 through C5) that are picked up by the patient.
The best way to accurately record whether an Rx is picked up or not is through PrimeESCTM. Of course, the pharmacy can choose to manually mark an Rx as picked-up, but this process is not error free and can result in costly penalties, fines, and even a suspension of license of the pharmacy. Once PrimeESCTM starts keeping a track of Rx picked up, the pharmacy can efficiently generate a file and report it to the state.

What are the advantages of combining PrimeESCTM and PrimePOSTM?

The PrimeESCTM/PrimePOSTM combination provides the best integrated scenario to vastly benefit the pharmacy.

  • The same barcode scanner can be used to scan UPC Items and Rx Items. The cashier does not have to scan Rx twice (once for Copay collection and once for Rx Signature pickup).
  • The VeriFone device can be used as a Pole-display, to capture HIPAA Acknowledgement, CC Signatures, FSA/IIAS Transactions, Debit PIN PAD (if used with certified CC vendors and dedicated gateway), and PSE Sales.
  • The VeriFone MX870 device is a PCI compliant device so the track on the device can be used to swipe the CC as well.
  • CC/PSE/FSA-IIAS/Debit Signatures captured on the device will be saved automatically in PrimePOSTM and HIPAA Acknowledgement records. Rx Pickup records are saved automatically in the PrimeRxTM Pharmacy Management System. This happens all in one transaction, however, records are saved appropriately in different applications/databases.
  • On PrimePOSTM, the cashier has the ability to VIEW and APPROVE the signature signed by the patient for the record. If they see that the signature is not a valid signature (just a line or illegible scribble), they can reject the signature and have the Patient/Customer sign once again.

In a stand-alone module, can you use PrimeESCTM without a barcode scanner?

Yes, PrimeESCTM has a Numeric Pad which allows you to enter the Rx numbers manually. However, this could slow down the process of getting signatures for Rx picked up by the patient and is prone to errors. We always recommend using barcode scanners for the Electronic Signature Capture device, whether it be in the stand-alone mode or alongside PrimePOSTM.

What is the warranty period on PrimeESCTM Hardware purchased from MMS?

The PrimeESCTM hardware purchased from MMS carries a one year, parts and labor, warranty on the hardware. Micro Merchant Systems realizes the importance of the PrimeESCTM module and will provide you with a loaner upon the device becoming defective. A team member will pick up the defective device, get it fixed by the manufacturer, and then ship it back to your pharmacy. Our strategy is more efficient than that of multiple online companies that require you to ship the device back to them and return the fixed device after a long period of time. In cases where the pharmacy is within 100 miles of NY, MMS sends out techs that come onsite and provide loaner and repair services. This is what makes us different from other online companies who sell the hardware for a lesser price, but only provide standard services which may not be practical in a Retail Pharmacy environment.

What are the different reports available in PrimeRxTM that extract information obtained from PrimeESCTM Module?

The different reports available from PrimeRxTM but not limited to, are

  • Signatures by Rx
  • Signatures by Patient
  • Signatures by Date
  • Print Rx Pickup Log Report
  • Print HIPAA Acknowledgment Report
  • Signature Claims Log Report
  • Rx Not picked up Report

As in any module available from MMS, we can offer any customizable report as and when required by a Pharmacy.

Are the signatures backed up with the data?

Yes, the signatures and all activity from PrimeESCTM, whether in stand-alone mode or used alongside PrimePOSTM, are backed up with PrimeRxTM and PrimePOSTM data. We understand the importance of the signatures and the effect they have on audits and compliance issues. Consequently, when the PrimeRxTM and PrimePOSTM data are backed up, all signatures and related activity of the PrimeESCTM module are backed up as well.

How does PrimeDeliveryTM work?

PrimeDeliveryTM assists the pharmacy in capturing digital signatures of prescriptions delivered to the patients. The module uses mobile devices such as the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and Android devices and phones. Patients can sign for multiple prescription pickups with a single signature. The time-stamped signatures are encrypted and stored in the PrimeRxTM Pharmacy Management System along with the Rx record.

Does PrimeDeliveryTM require 3G, 4G, and LTE Data plans on the device it is installed on?

PrimeDelivery works off the data plan on the device (3G, 4G, LTE etc.) as well as Wifi. If the mobile device does not have a data plan, the captured signatures will sync to the PrimeRxTM database once back on the pharmacy's Wifi network.

If the pharmacy uses PrimePOSTM, does PrimeDeliveryTM also update copay information on PrimePOSTM?

Yes, PrimeDeliveryTM also monitors Copay Collected and updates PrimePOSTM and PrimeRxTM data. The data flow moves from PrimeRxTM to PrimePOSTM to PrimeDeliveryTM and back in a seamless and integrated manner.

What devices can run PrimeDeliveryTM?

Apple iOS and Android.

Can a single PrimeDeliveryTM license support multiple devices from the same pharmacy?

Yes, a single purchased license of PrimeDeliveryTM software can support multiple devices in the same pharmacy.

Besides Rx Pickup signatures, does it also capture HIPAA Acknowledgment Signatures?

Yes, HIPAA Acknowledgments are captured in PrimeDeliveryTM. After the patient HIPAA Acknowledgments are captured for the first time, the system will not ask the patient to sign the HIPAA Acknowledgments for another 6 years.

Can PrimeDeliveryTM be used to capture signatures on the Packing List for a Nursing Home/ALF/LTC Facility?

Yes, PrimeDeliveryTM allows the delivery of Rx to the Nursing Home/ALF/LTC Facility. It allows the user to batch upload all the prescriptions being delivered to the facility. A single signature from an authorized staff member completes the delivery.

Can different prescriptions be assigned to multiple drivers?

Yes, prescriptions can be assigned to different delivery people. Each delivery person is accountable for his or her own batch when they sign out and sign in for pickups and deliveries.

How are PrimeDeliveryTM records reflected in PrimeRxTM?

Once the Rx is marked for delivery, the Rx history displays a blue tote icon, which annotates that the Rx is still in the delivery bin. When the driver uploads all the prescriptions onto the device, the blue tote changes to an orange box indicating that the Rx is out for delivery. It also shows the upload time and the delivery person's name and phone number, allowing for easy tracking and contact. Once the delivery is complete and the driver updates the batch, the orange box in the history turns white, indicating a complete delivery.

If a particular prescription is not delivered, can it be excluded out of the batch when the delivery person is checking back into the pharmacy?

Yes, when the delivery batch is updated in the system, he/she has the option to uncheck prescriptions not delivered. He/she can also include the reason for not delivering, which is captured for second attempts in the Delivery Details of PrimeRxTM.

How does PrimeWebTM work?

PrimeWebTM is a Web Portal that allows Nursing Homes/ALF/LTC Facilities to requests prescription refills for collective groups of patients that belong to that particular facility. These refills are sent directly to the Refill Queue in the PrimeRxTM Pharmacy Management System in order for the pharmacy to process and deliver them to the Nursing Home/LTC/ALF Facility.

What are the infrastructure requirements?

The pharmacy needs to meet the following infrastructure requirements in order for PrimeWebTM to function efficiently and securely:

  • A Dedicated Web Server
  • A Physical Firewall in the pharmacy
  • Antivirus on all Workstations and Server
  • A registered domain name
  • SSL Encryption

Can PrimeWebTM work with any pharmacy management system?

No, PrimeWebTM only integrates with PrimeRxTM.

Can the Nursing Home/ALF/LTC Facility track prescription delivery status?

Yes, there is a status update when the signature is captured and the prescription is delivered. Additionally, if the pharmacy is using PrimeDMSTM, a hard-copy of the scanned prescription can be viewed in 'Patient History'.

Can PrimeWebTM be customized to integrate with an existing website?

Yes, PrimeWebTM can be integrated with an existing website. However, most of the integration efforts are focused on stable connectivity to the system database.

Is the website connected to a live database?

Yes, PrimeWebTM maintains a real time connection to a live database. This is a dynamic website which instantly updates records as they are entered into PrimeRxTM.

Is PrimeWebTM secure?

Yes. When a pharmacy installs PrimeWebTM, the pharmacy must have a physical firewall and the site must have an SSL encryption. However, it is important to note that network security is the pharmacy's responsibility. In order to access the site, a username and password are created by an authorized user in the pharmacy and those credentials are provided to the facility staff by said authorized user.

Can the pharmacy control basic content on web pages (Home, About Us, Service, Career Opportunities etc.)?

Yes, PrimeWebTM allows the user to customize and easily update the content on web pages. Users can call our support staff for help for certain tasks such as uploading images.

Can the administrator set permissions (role and rights management) for additional users?

Yes, the administrator of the pharmacy has control over what the user can and cannot do, allowing them to control for different roles.

What is FMR and how does it work?

FillMyRefills.com is a service that provides patients the ability to request refills via a Website or through their smart phones. Pharmacies can process the refills directly from the Refill Queue in PrimeRxTM. Once the patient's request is successfully sent, it sends a customizable text message and/or an email to the patient confirming receipt and estimated processing time. When the refill is processed and ready for Pickup, another text message and/or email can be sent to the patient notifying him/her that the Rx is ready for pickup.

What are the different ways patients can communicate using FMR?

The patient can communicate via the FMR website or the mobile application - available for iPhone and Android.

Does the pharmacy need any additional infrastructure?

No, the pharmacy does not need any additional infrastructure. FMR is a hosted solution which integrates with the pharmacy's database, thereby directing the Refills requested by the patient directly to the pharmacy's refill queue.

Can FMR integrate with the website of an existing pharmacy?

Yes, FMR can integrate with an existing website as well. The Refills Page of an existing website can be directed to the hosted Refill Page and work seamlessly. FMR can work as a stand-alone site or can integrate with an existing site.

Are the refill requests sent in real time to the pharmacy?

Yes, refill requests sent in via FMR are sent in real time to the Pharmacy's refill queue, alerting the pharmacy of a Refill Request waiting to be processed.

Is the FMR Site customizable?

Yes, the FMR site is customizable. The site admin can upload a logo, edit content on internal pages (including image upload), process which filters should be turned ON or OFF to validate a refill, and how to react when there are no more refills for a patient.

Is the site secure?

Yes, all FMR hosted accounts are secured by the SSL encryption turned 'on' at the hosted level. The site is completely secure and no data linking the patient and the prescription is sent across the internet. This makes the site HIPAA compliant and completely secure.

Is there a registration process that the patient has to follow in order to send a Refill Request?

Ideally, it is recommended that the patient register themselves once with the respective pharmacy's site, so that he does not have to identify himself every time he sends a refill request. However, if the patient chooses not to do this, he can simply enter information to identify himself when requesting a refill which can be sent to the pharmacy.

What are the different ways a pharmacy can promote this feature?

The pharmacy can promote FMR link by printing it on labels and other marketing materials that will encourage patients to submit refills online. By marketing the FMR option, pharmacies can achieve a higher repeat business rate.

Why should the pharmacy subscribe for FMR services?

In order for brick and mortar businesses to remain competitive against online businesses, they must integrate a mobile solution, especially for pharmacies. For example, patients working late who need to request refills can simply go online instead of waiting for the pharmacy to open up. It is safe, secure, convenient and accessible 24x7. It does not cost the patient anything and it shows the patient that the pharmacy provides all the same services as larger chains and competitors.