Advance Innovative Solutions (AIS)

Advance Innovative Solutions (AIS)

Pharmacist designed Dial-a-Script® is an interactive voice response (IVR) system that enables customers using a touch-tone phone to order their prescription refills, verify that they are ready prior to pickup, and access your pharmacy’s hours and location information without the need to speak to a member of your pharmacy’s staff. Dial-a-Script® also includes a doctor voice mail feature that allows doctors’ offices to provide new prescription and refill authorizations without the need for live assistance.

How does it work?

Dial-a-Script® interacts with your pharmacy system software to provide real-time information to customers. Dial-a-Script® collects the prescriptions requested, determines refill status, obtains a desired pickup time using your pharmacy’s own preset minimums, and places the prescriptions in your pharmacy system’s fill queue. When a prescription in the order does not have any refills remaining or is expired, Dial-a-Script®’ s auto-fax feature can fax a refill authorization request automatically to the prescriber.


  • Intuitive call flow
  • Customized messaging
  • Multi-department auto-attendant
  • Customer and doctor voice mail
  • Security check
  • Spanish option
  • Drug name recitation
  • “Is my prescription ready?” status checking
  • Pharmacy hours and location
  • Pickup, mail, and delivery
  • Workload profile
  • Holiday schedule (set once a year or just before the specific holiday and spoken dynamically)
  • Refill request auto-fax (requires modem and phone line, not included)
  • Centralized management application (for streamlined updating of distributed systems)
  • Reporting

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