PrimeRx™ interfaces with Asembia to collaborate with specialty pharmacies, biotech manufacturers, prescribers, payers and other stakeholders to develop solutions for the specialty pharmaceutical service model. 

Asembia, Specialty pharmacy workflow platform to optimize overall patient therapy management. Asembia-1 is an integrated, web-based software platform to streamline specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow, and overall patient management while providing actionable, real-time data and analytics and robust business intelligence.

Asembia 1 Features:

  • Specialty Workflow: Modular, queue-based workflow is flexible to accommodate unique pharmacy needs.
  • Clinical Task Manager: Configurable clinical content with branching logic to support escalations and program-specific data points
  • Care Plan Case Management; Create individualized action plans: assign goals, schedule interventions and track outcomes
  • Status Dashboards & Reports; Real-time workflow, productivity and clinical dashboards for actionable insights.
  • Guided Data Capture; System-prompted data capture simplifies manufacturer and payer reporting
  • Integrated PA & Financial Assistance; Leverages Asembia’s comprehensive digital PA library and directs users to financial resources

The pharmacy signs a contract with Asembia help prioritize, manage and oversee any red flags that might interrupt the patient therapy. This entitles the high-end medication control for the patient from the patient, provider, insurance, billing, and inventory. PrimeRx customers sign a contract with Asembia with the below details. Asembia interfaces with PrimeRx and Micro Merchant Systems reporting to make sure the pharmacy’s patients are is achieving best patient therapy levels.

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