Save time and increase accuracy with paperless point-of-care. MedSupport’s convenient eMAR medication administration system provides workload efficiencies, formalizes documentation completeness, reduces med errors, and ultimately, improves overall nurse and caregiver staff performance.

Pharmacy Interface
Conveniently link your client’s pharmacy orders to MedSupport to ensure consistency and accuracy in prescription and dosage data. On-going pharmacy orders are updated at the pharmacy and data is automatically transmitted to MedSupport to be verified and added to the client’s medication schedule.

The Pharmacy Interface (PI) Module complements MedSupport® by connecting directly with your pharmacy. The communication between pharmacy and MedSupport contributes significantly to reductions in med errors with improved delivery and transcription.

CaraSolva’s PI utilizes the HL7 international standard format for transfer of clinical and administrative data. Prescriptions are securely sent from the pharmacy to MedSupport. Once received in MedSupport, the prescriptions are validated for accuracy by staff. As they are accepted, MedSupport automatically schedules the prescription. 

Benefits for Pharmacies include:

  • Always up-to-date eMARs with any medication changes.
  • Auto-scheduling of medications.
  • Reduced med-errors from improved delivery and transcription.
  • Easily add new clients by accepting into MedSupport directly from the pharmacy.
  • Instant pharmacy notification if pharmacy adds, edits, or deletes medications.
  • Eliminate printed MARs as a critical piece of records management.
  • Back-office efficiencies allow more time for caregiving.

For more information or to sign up, please contact for terms, pricing and implementation.

MedSupport eMAR & Point of Care Brochure
Direct Pharmacy Interface Brochure