Custom Health AdhereNet™

Custom Health AdhereNet™

With AdhereNet®, pharmacists can engage with patients and effectively manage medication adherence through dashboards, tracking, and reporting that is fully integrated in real-time. As a fully scalable medication management solution, AdhereNet works effectively with one patient, or with tens of thousands of patients.  

The networking capabilities offered by AdhereNet allow pharmacies to rapidly and cost-effectively offer adherence packaging, track that packaging to the patient, and then alert the patient to take their medication on-time and as-prescribed. AdhereNet offers seamless integration with other pharmacy solutions including packaging automation and central fills, along with the MyMedTimes mobile app and our medication dispenser for people at home, and the oneMAR® electronic medication administration record for nurses in long-term care.  

Pharmacists now have the power to bring about major change for their patient’s well-being, benefiting the entire healthcare system and their own revenues. Custom Health's technology solutions improve quality, efficiency, and safety across the medication delivery ecosystem, lowering hospital and nursing home admissions, but also directly affecting the bottom line for pharmacies – increasing revenue and return on investment.  

With Custom Health, pharmacists have the power to improve medication adherence – directly benefiting patient health, decreasing costs for the overall healthcare system and increasing their own pharmacy’s revenues.  

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