Catalyst’s AdhereNet™

Catalyst’s AdhereNet™

Catalyst’s AdhereNet™ and Pack4U Combine to Target Medication Non-Adherence

AdhereNet™ software is an end-to-end solution designed to improve patient medication adherence. Developed by Catalyst Healthcare, AdhereNet™ has become integral to pharmacies’ adherence efforts, with pharmacies nationwide relying on its many capabilities, including the “spencer” in-home medication dispenser.  

Pack4U offers personalized medication delivery and adherence monitoring services that help improve patient outcomes and reduce total care costs.  Pack4U maintains a network of fully automated, central fill pharmacy hubs that ensure proper dispensing.  Medications are placed in Pack4U’s proprietary packaging, which is customized for patient needs, and then delivered to the pharmacy based on a pre-determined schedule. The combination of AdhereNet™ and Pack4U – working together – provides pharmacists with heightened capabilities in ensuring patients receive their medications on time, and monitoring usage to ensure medications are taken as prescribed.  Key benefits include:

  • Medication adherence “virtual” monitoring.  The “spencer” in-home medication dispenser allows pharmacists to monitor medication adherence and patient reported outcomes in real-time.  Information can be transmitted to primary care providers, specialists, health plans, and home care agencies.
    • Additional in-home monitoring tools include linking of medications to Bluetooth device readings, and user-friendly telehealth services via a two-way camera.
  • Reduced packaging costs. Prescriptions are filled and packaged at a fully automated Pack4U fill location.  Medications are placed in one of Pack4U’s proprietary packaging solutions, designed to meet patient specifications.
  • Improved adherence. This comprehensive approach to medication management has helped achieve a 98 percent medication adherence rate.
  • Improved patient outcomes.  In-home monitoring, combined with improved adherence, helps patients remain at home.  This not only improves patient well-being, but also avoids costly hospital or long-term facility stays.

The AdhereNet™/Pack4U solution is quickly becoming an industry standard, with pharmacies nationwide taking advantage of its many technology-based capabilities.  This includes PrimeRx™ pharmacies. 

PrimeRx™ users can integrate with the AdhereNet™/Pack4U solution directly from the PrimeRx™ home screen.  In fact, set up can usually be accomplished with just a few simple steps.  That’s because the AdhereNet™/Pack4U solution utilizes several existing PrimeRx™ capabilities that include:

  • The solution works within PrimeRx™.  Patients are identified within PrimeRx™, either by facility or by last name.  Once patients are selected, a “Pack4U” indicator is added to their records.
  • All prescriptions to be filled are selected – within PrimeRx™.  Prescriptions are then transmitted directly to the Catalyst AdhereNet™ network.
  • Next, the pharmacist selects the DisPILL formatting option from within PrimeRx™, and hits the “send to packaging” button.

Once the “send to packaging” request is sent, the AdhereNet™/Pack4U solution takes over.  Prescriptions are filled at a central fill facility, packaged in a unique Pack4U container, and delivered either to a facility or patient’s home.  The medications are loaded into the patient’s personal “Spencer” device and dispensed based on the patient’s customized schedule.

An innovative, technology-based solution that helps improve medication adherence. For more information click here.

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