ChartMeds™ is a 23-year-old company based in Kansas City with customers ranging from 10 clients to organizations with 1,000’s of locations. Our clients pass between 1.2 to 2 million meds a month. Our clients include every sub-acute care setting along with government and military contracts. Since we serve a myriad of care settings, the nomenclature of patient, client, resident, person-served, student and all other naming conventions are seen as patient or resident in our solution. We can interface with any EHR or pharmacy that allows an interface. A typical interface with a larger pharmacy solution is about a 30- minute process. We have existing EHR interfaces but the time to create new ones are dependent on the EHR vendors resources.

Full-blown EHR products are prohibitively expensive, difficult to use, and overkill for your operations. In as little as 15 minutes, we can have a technician trained and administering medications. ChartMeds provides 3 levels of subscriptions that include: installation, training, pharmacy integration — everything! There are no hidden fees.

  • ELECTRONIC MAR (E-MAR) - Go paperless and provide a high level of safety for your residents. Based on the med pass device used, you can scan, click, or touch the med to be administered.
  • SERVICE/CARE PLANS - Easy to use tool helps you create custom care plans for each individual resident. Automatically calculates the level of effort required for each resident. We can do the MDS 3.0 too.
  • CARE VISUALIZER - Comprehensive and easy to use system that automates data collection such as behaviors, assistance needed and also ensures tasks get done on time.


  • How is training done? Almost all training is done via remote meetings. If a client requires onsite training, there will be a daily training cost along with reasonable expenses. 
  • How long does training take? The normal training time for a superuser is two 2-hour sessions
  • How long to go live? If our implementation team has bandwidth, being live in one week is normal for smaller to medium sized organizations.
  • We can create a single sign on for our clients EHR. Depending on how an EHR vendor wants to integrate, we can either have our eMAR launch from the EHR eMAR tab or we can have a desktop icon.

Contact us at 417-987-9029 or email us at for a FREE demo and find out how ChartMeds will revolutionize your e-MAR System.

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