It's time to re-imagine healthcare services delivery in America. It's time to turn to local care providers with local roots in the community, local relationships with care team members, and the ability to engage patients locally.

All pharmacies are NOT the same. Some pharmacies focus on filling prescriptions as fast as they can and as cheaply as they can. CPESN® pharmacy providers are different. They are performance-based and willing to be held accountable to produce clinical outcomes. CPESN USA is the nation's first, and only, Accountable Pharmacy Organization. Much like an ACO, CPESN pharmacies are clinically integrated and have a unique focus on patient outcomes.

The CPESN is an opportunity to access a pharmacy network that supports the enhanced pharmacy service needs of patients who are beneficiaries of NC Medicaid, NC Health Choice, Medicare, and Medicare-Medicaid without additional cost to the patient.

Collectively, CPESN Pharmacies:

  • Cover 83% of the U.S. population with hand deliveries to patients homes
  • Provide 2.5 million hand deliveries each month, over 28 million a year
  • See their complex patients 35 times/year compared to jus 3.5 times/year for a physician

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