FDS Amplicare

FDS Amplicare

FDS Amplicare’s “Match” – the Industry’s Leading Medicare Plan Comparison Solution.

Announcing plan selection that saves patients an average $521 in costs while generating almost $210 in store profits. Micro Merchant Systems is pleased to partner with FDS Amplicare, a leading provider of Medicare plan comparison solutions.

We believe our partnership with FDS Amplicare will drive profitability to your pharmacy by lowering your DIR fees and increasing prescription reimbursement. Specifically, we are pleased to introduce the “Match” Medicare module that enables quick, comprehensive plan comparisons. Your pharmacy can integrate with FDS Amplicare Match directly from the PrimeRx™ home page.

What is Match?
Match is the market leader in Medicare plan comparison tools. Match targets high-value, ‘win-win’ patients with a plan that benefits them while driving profits to your pharmacy. Among its many capabilities, Match quickly provides plan comparisons for patients who ask for your help with Medicare plan selection.

Win-win patients are defined as Medicare patients who, if they changed their current Medicare plan to an optimal plan identified by FDS Amplicare, would save an average $521 in annual out-of-pocket costs. At the same time, the pharmacy would generate almost $210 in profits.

Key Benefits

  • Market leader. Match is the market-leading, CMS-approved comparison platform.
  • Informed decision-making. Patients have full visibility into plan options, including comparisons of out-of-pocket costs. 
  • Improved pharmacy profitability. DIR fee estimates help pharmacists anticipate each plan’s effect on their bottom line. Pharmacies will generate an estimated $210 in additional profit for each patient who uses a Match-identified plan.
  • Identification of affordable drug alternatives. A Formulary Lookup tool suggests affordable drug alternatives covered by patients’ plans.
  • Patient-facing “plan finder” for at-home use. Match includes NavigateMyCare which allows patients to compare and enroll in plans with your pharmacy from the comfort of their home.
  • Retain patients, increase loyalty, and gain business. Generate goodwill by offering plan comparisons to existing and prospective patients.  Patients are 30 percent more likely to stay with, or join, a pharmacy that performs a plan comparison for them.

PrimeRx™ pharmacy management system can now fully integrate with the Amplicare workflow automation platform.  With this capability, which is available on a subscription basis, PrimeRx™ users can seamlessly access automated decision making capabilities, which will improve pharmacy efficiency and patient services. A participating pharmacy can select which of Amplicare's many capabilities are most suitable for its needs, and integrate those tools directly into the PrimeRx™ operating system. 

Through Amplicare's automated, intelligent processing, a pharmacy can attain key benefits that include:

  • Improved patient medication adherence, which has the added benefits of increasing  pharmacy sales and improving a pharmacy's star rating performance.
  • Automated, customized outbound phone, email and text campaigns to promote improved patient outcomes.
  • Proactive identification of opportunities to help mitigate DIR fees.
  • Plan comparisons to help Medicare and Medicaid patients identify most appropriate and cost efficient plans.

In addition to improved pharmacy workflow and efficiency, Amplicare provides critically-important opportunities for pharmacists to better service patients through pro-active alerts.  Amplicare's "smart solution" continuously reviews patient records, and delivers important interventions directly into the pharmacy's daily workflow, allowing the pharmacist to take corrective action.

Need More Information?
Click here to learn more about win-win Medicare patient opportunities. The profit your pharmacy will earn from switching win-win patients to optimal Medicare plans will more than pay for the Match subscription. Your patients will benefit from reduced out-of-pocket costs and optimal plan coverage. Your pharmacy will see increased profit. Match from FDS Amplicare is truly a win-win solution!

If you are interested in a free review, please complete the authorization form. Once you provide authorization, and 2022 plan year data is loaded, your results will be ready in 2-3 business days. Once you’ve had a chance to review the analysis provided for your Medicare patient population, you can decide whether to subscribe to Amplicare’s Match module. No commitment and no strings attached.

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