Elavon Lane/8000 Credit Card Terminal by Ingenico

Elavon Lane/8000 Credit Card Terminal by Ingenico

Elavon is an innovative, secure payment processing solution, whether you do business online, mobile, or in-person. For more than 25 years, Elavon has been a leader in payment processing, leveraging the world's best technologies for our partners, from large worldwide enterprises to locally-owned small businesses. 

PrimePOS™ customers can now partner with Elavon to process their pharmacy’s credit and debit transactions! 

The news gets even better! 

Elavon payment processing now works with the NEW Ingenico Lane/8000 credit card processors with touchscreen signature capture PIN pad. PrimePOS™ and the Lane/8000 series will offer your patients a secure, a sleek and smart checkout experience. Designed for speed and efficiency, the Lane/8000 credit card processing machines create new points of consumer engagement that improve brand loyalty and drive additional sales. Its large, 5” multimedia touchscreen display is highly resistant to impact and scratches.

Ingenico's Lane/8000 is a cutting-edge retail payment terminal that sets new standards for its looks and functionality. It supports all cashless payment methods and enables merchants to increase customer engagement, improve brand loyalty, and drive additional sales. The Telium Tetra operating system harnesses HTML5 to offer a tablet-like navigation experience, multimedia touchscreen capabilities, and a user-friendly interface. To enable alternative payment schemes and unlimited business app options, the Lane/8000 also features an optional camera.

Three Amazing Features in One

PrimePOS™, Elavon, and the Lane/8000 series will offer your patients a secure, sleek, and smart checkout experience. 

    • Engage consumers with a large multimedia touchscreen and user-friendly HTML5 interface 
    • Quick and easy payment options to improve checkouts
    • Integrate simply into any environment
    • Help reduce PCI-DSS audit scope with seamless semi-integrated configuration

Future-proof payment security 

PCI PTS 5.x certified solution, the Lane/8000 are natively designed to meet local regulations and ensure long-term compliance. It uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proofed encryption and additional anti-theft systems such as cable removal detection and Kensington locks.

Support for all payment options 

The Lane/8000 support EMV chip & PIN, EMV chip & sign, and magstripe transactions, as well as the broadest range of contactless NFC, mobile wallet, and alternative payment methods. Each method is available by selection and highlighted for easy and convenient use.

Consumer-friendly design enabling greater customer engagement

An intuitive, interactive device, the Lane/8000 transforms the point of sale into a point of engagement. Using HTML5, it offers the same user experience, touchscreen capabilities, and user-friendly interface as a tablet computer. Multimedia support is also available, along with Bluetooth and barcode scanning.

Lower total cost of ownership 

Automatic and remote diagnostics, as well as preventive maintenance capabilities, reduce the total cost of ownership and protect your hardware investment. Support for semi-integrated configurations simplifies compliance and cost with the latest PCI DSS security standards.

Industry-proven and reliable technology

Backed by 40 years of development experience, the Telium TETRA operating system is the perfect combination of payment expertise and web-based design creativity. It offers powerful security mechanisms to protect transaction data while enabling the rich content of HTML5 web-based applications. 

Compatible with Ingenico’s suite of services 

Keeping the solutions connected, the Lane/8000 work in unison with Ingenico’s supporting service platforms, meaning merchants will have access to business services such as back office reporting and e-receipt management. Software updates and day-to-day support deliver a hassle-free experience.

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