What is JotForm?

JotForm is an online form builder. Pharmacies can use Jotform to create surveys, forms, reports or even schedule appointments. In this integration, our pharmacies will be using Jotform to schedule covid19 vaccine visits, collect new patient and current patient data.

How does JotForm work?

Most pharmacies will be using JotForm to schedule COVID-19 vaccines. Besides scheduling vaccine visits, there are many required patient questions that needs to be filled out prior to their visit. Using JotForm, the pharmacy will allow their patients to pick an available time and date as well as complete and required questionnaire(s).  PrimeRx's integration with JotForm automatically imports the JotForm completed form within the Document Queue.  The Pharmacist or Technician can simply process the form (PDF) as they would any scanned document. Our deep integration with JotForm allows PrimeRx to collect all the relevant fields to create and or update the patient file within PrimeRx. This seamless integration increases the pharmacy's efficiency by cutting down data entry.

  • Patients access their pharmacy's JotForm-based COVID-19 vaccine registration form directly through the pharmacy's website.  
  • The patient completes the form, which includes COVID-19 required information, and selects a preferred vaccination date and time.
  • Once the patient hits "complete," JotForm seamlessly transmits the document into the PrimeDMS™ document queue.  From there, the now-digitized document seamlessly integrates with PrimeRx™ for processing and safe storage.

All JotForm's are stored within the PrimeRx™ document tab

  • Requirements for Jotform
  • PrimeRx +
  • Jotform Account
  • Google Drive Account (Jotform links to Google Drive account for PDF storage)
  • PrimeDMS Document Management Software

Time Saved

MMS will allow the patient registration from JotForm to be automatically integrated with PrimeRx™. This will eliminate the data entry of thousands of patients that may be reaching out to the Pharmacy for COVID-19 vaccines.