JVM. Co., Ltd (”JVM”), grown with the love and support of all of JVM customers, is devoting ourselves to move forward to become a true global leader by achieving full automization of dispensing, packaging and medication management for hospitals and pharmacies around the world.

In addition, JVM consistently focuses on product development with growth and innovations for JVM customers. We are preparing for the future according to JVM plan with expanded R&D investment as well as talent cultivation & technology advancement while building a culture of trust and openness to unlock the employees’ creativity for product and service innovations.

Last but not least, we will continue putting JVM customers first and delivering the best quality for a steady increase in marketshare and position ourselves as a global leader with customer-centered fundamental management and ongoing technological innovations.

Today’s JVM would not be possible without full faith and support from JVM customers and shareholders. The management and the entire staff at JVM will do JVM best to repay such support highest quality products and services.

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