LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Coming Soon! LexisNexis Risk Solutions Helps Manage Your Pharmacy Data Integrity

Inconsistent and erroneous or outdated data remains a significant challenge for retail pharmacies nationwide. Many pharmacies invest a lot of time and effort trying to solve this growing problem, dealing with the fallout of compromised quality and poor resource allocation. Manually checking provider data on federal and state websites takes multiple steps, leaving room for error and inefficiency.

An alternative approach to manual verification is automating verification and monitoring of healthcare provider licensing and credentials. Provider Data Enhancements by LexisNexis Risk Solutions helps with comprehensive batch and real-time technology that can streamline a variety of provider verification searches and ongoing monitoring options. The technology can also provide automatic red flag alerts for a wide range of high-risk indicators.

LexisNexis® Provider Data MasterFile™ is a centralized referential database that improves and evolves daily by ingesting, verifying, and integrating incoming data, including proprietary data collection and outreach findings. The quality data drives processes and empowers users to make informed and confident business decisions. The LexisNexis breadth of data covers all healthcare provider types. The file is the gold standard for provider information and benefits from our data governance standards so you can make decisions with confidence.

The challenges pharmacies face when using poor provider data are significant. It’s a frequent area for mismanagement which often results in both fraud and improper payments. LexisNexis Risk Solutions offers pharmacies data-handling cost efficiencies and workflow time savings when operating with correct, current, and comprehensive healthcare provider data.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions reduces the IT burden associated with ongoing data management efforts and makes claims processing more efficient through increased auto-adjudication. By identifying and replacing inaccurate, duplicate, and incomplete records, pharmacies can ensure they have the most current provider data to enable quick and efficient prescription claim processing.

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