You could leave money on the table if you’re not reconciling or reconciling manually. Help is available!

As the recognized leader and preferred vendor for pharmacy reconciliation, reimbursement, and business analytic solutions, Net-Rx™ enables pharmacies to identify revenue opportunities and operational efficiency to focus on providing the highest service levels to their customers. 

The Net-Rx Pharmacy Claims Reconciliation Solution, RecRx, helps pharmacies save time and improve cashflow:

  • Reconcile up to 100% Third-Party claims
  • Compare actual paid and promised paid amounts from the payer
  • Identify missing and short-paid claims
  • Quantify expected incoming funds
  • Provide insight into fees and adjustments – including DIR fees
  • Keep your data – even if you change wholesaler, PSAO, or dispense software.

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RecRx is the Net-Rx third-party claims reconciliation solution that automates matching your insurance payments to your dispense system claims data saving you time and improving cash flow management.

RecRx Benefits:

  • Offers peace of mind knowing that 100% of third-party claims are checked, reconciled, and verified with payments received
  • Provides flexibility to view sales and receivables by a corporation or at an individual location level
  • Improves efficiency by automating the comparison process
  • Supports spending decisions by predicting cashflow
  • Reduces paper with electronic processing
  • Keeps your downloadable data for as long as four years even if you change wholesaler, PSAO, or dispense software

RecRx Features:

  • 24/7 secure portal access to review data in real-time
  • Simplified payment views from third-party payers
  • Enables prescription claim level payments to be imported back into your dispensing software
  • Identifies missing checks, DIR Fees, and payer takebacks
  • Insight into fees and adjustments
  • Personalized aging date range buckets available to align with your business needs
  • The robust reporting package includes missing remit reporting and average DSO (days sales outstanding) per payer report

Key RecRx Reports:

  • Fee Adjustment Report (including DIR Fees)  - Categorize and quantify adjustments and fees, including the difficult-to-spot DIR fees. And in some cases, you may be able to recover monies. 
  • Copay Report - With a click of a button, this report provides validation and final dollar amounts of copay adjustments, including the difficult-to-identify Low-Income Subsidy adjustment and other benefit changes saving you time in determining patient refunds or any balance owed from the patient.
  • DSO Report - Use this report to plan your cash flow and predict when to expect incoming revenue. You can also gain insight into how long it takes to receive payments from state Medicaid or PBMs.

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