Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First is a national network of independent community and small chain pharmacies formed and sponsored by the Wholesale Alliance, LLC, a consortium of 14 independent regional pharmaceutical wholesalers. 

The Wholesale Alliance, LLC is a consortium of 14 independent regional pharmaceutical wholesalers, all of whom share a common commitment to ensuring that independent retail pharmacies remain viable well into the 21st century. Representing combined annual revenues of approximately $9 billion, wholesaler members share the goal of uniting the collective strengths and dispensing power of independent pharmacies nationwide. Alliance members have invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours, to ensure that Pharmacy First has the resources to implement its objective - changing the direction of the independent retail pharmacy.

Pharmacy First was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing the appropriate programs and services needed to help independent pharmacies be successful. Recognizing the need of independent pharmacies for assistance with third party contracts, and reconciliation, Pharmacy First expanded its offering to include the services of Third Party Station, an independent Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization (PSAO).

With the addition of Third Party Station, Pharmacy First offers valuable services including third party contract management and reconciliation with recovery, in addition to adherence services along with several other programs, all designed with the purpose of keeping independent pharmacies competitive in the marketplace.

The mission of Pharmacy First's Board of Managers, staff and strategic partners is to preserve and provide enhanced profitability to the independent community and small chain pharmacies through:

  • Manufacturer-sponsored new product launch programs
  • Market share product rebate programs
  • Patient medication compliance and persistency programs (increased drug therapy days)
  • Pharmacist/patient education programs

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