PrimeRx is a bi-directional interface for program HL7.

Just about all hospitals or other Healthcare organizations have many different technologies in use by clinicians, administrative staff, billing offices, and others. It is common for these systems to be developed on different platforms, and coded in different programming languages. There are lab systems, EMRs, staff management systems, pharmacy automation, business applications, and a host of others. Without a common standard, the data between these systems would stay segregated, resulting in:

  • Users needing to log into multiple systems
  • Inability to make good use of data
  • Risk to patient safety
  • Inefficient workflows

Fortunately, Healthcare IT systems do have a standard for sharing data among multiple systems. It is Health Level Seven, commonly referred to as HL7. So what is HL7?

  • HL7 is an industry accepted standard for communicating data, even among competing systems
  • It has some flexibility to adjust to customizations without causing huge problems
  • HL7 messages are displayed in a text format
  • It is fairly easy to learn the messaging format
  • The result is a seamless appearance of data to non-technical users