A Comprehensive Medication Management eMAR Solution

QuickMAR has dramatically reduced medication errors, paperwork inefficiencies and administrative duties, while dynamically linking customers to their LTC pharmacy partners. Our portfolio of customers includes pharmacies, senior living facilities, rehab hospitals, group homes, correctional facilities, behavioral health providers and more.

  • Innovative and Industry Leading eMAR Features
  • Document med administration with a few clicks
  • Document treatments, vital signs and other care items with the same workflow
  • Eliminate missed/undocumented meds and missed PRN follow-ups
  • Speed up med passes by up to 50%
  • Improve safety and accuracy with bar code scanning
  • Pass meds without interruption, even if the internet is down
  • Safely identify residents by their pictures or optionally via biometrics or barcoded wrist bands
  • Receive reminder alerts before meds are late
  • Send customized notifications to key personnel via email or text

Pharmacy Preferred
QuickMAR is the preferred eMAR solution for many long term care (LTC) pharmacies. Over 600 pharmacies across the United States, Canada and the UK provide QuickMAR to their customers. It’s uniquely easy to use. Works even when the internet is down. 

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