Real-Time Prescription Benefit by Surescripts

Real-Time Prescription Benefit by Surescripts

The cost of prescriptions and the need for prior authorizations can delay patients getting their medication and stand in the way of medication adherence. Real-Time Prescription Benefit enables pharmacists to advise on cost-effective therapeutic alternatives and offers significant benefits to the pharmacy workflow resulting in improved patient outcomes. Arm your team with the insights they need to increase patient satisfaction and decrease prescription abandonment — all within the simplicity of your existing workflow.

What is Real-Time Prescription Benefit
Real-Time Prescription Benefit provides access to patient-specific medication benefit information directly from the patient’s benefit plan. This new solution reduces the administrative burden on pharmacists and their staff by returning options that are on the formulary. With this tool, pharmacies have an efficient new way to help patients get medications they can afford and adhere to.

PrimeRx™ now interfaces with Real-Time Prescription Benefit by Surescripts.

How it works

The pharmacist can use Real-Time Prescription Benefit to view data including:

  • Patient-specific benefit information
  • Up to five therapeutic alternatives
  • Prior authorization requirements
  • Out-of-pocket cost and deductible information
  • Fill quantity options

Real-Time Prescription Benefit delivers this information directly from the patient’s benefit plan.

Key advantages

With Real-Time Prescription Benefit, pharmacies can:

  • Realize operational efficiencies, reducing the back-and-forth communications with benefit plans and prescribers to identify and facilitate lower-cost alternatives. 
  • Drive a reduction in medication abandonment, offering patients affordable medication alternatives
  • Experience improved workflow
  • Reduces or eliminates reverse and rebill by intervening on the front of the prescription filling process. 
  • Increase first-fill compliance
  • Improve pharmacy payer compliance and reduce DIR fees 
  • Improve provider communication for prior authorizations and change Rx request


Have questions or want to enroll in the PrimeRx™ interface for Real-Time Prescription Benefit by Surescripts®? Email Micro Merchant Systems at for pricing and activation.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit Overview