RxSafe RapidPakRx™

RxSafe RapidPakRx™

Adherence Strip Packager for any Retail Pharmacy with Universal Cartridges & Built-in Vision Inspection

Experience the unparalleled adherence packaging automation technology of the RapidPakRx™. No more trays or remote tray filling stations. No more downtime to load trays. Plus, no more errors from hand filling trays. The RapidPakRx™ runs 20 “smart” bulk-loaded universal cartridges that dispense all solid oral medications such as gel caps, half-tabs, new generics, and more — without calibration. Run a 30-day med cycle in 10 minutes “on-demand”. 

Our unique, 3-step integrated machine vision verification system means one-pass workflow, unmatched accuracy, and significantly lower operating cost. 

RapidPakRx™ uses automatic, variable pouch length, and consumable pouch material costs are notably the least expensive. Thermal printing means no ink ribbons.

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