RxSafe 1800™

RxSafe 1800™

Comprehensive, Automated Robotic Storage and Retrieval for Retail Pharmacies.

The RxSafe 1800™ is a pharmacy workflow solution that represents a revolutionary leap into the scope of robotic pharmacy automation technology and automated drug dispensing systems. 

Only Item Level Tracking Solution

Accurate, perpetual, real-time inventory tracking is one of the significant inventory management benefits of the RxSafe 1800. RxSafe has the only item-level tracking solution in the industry. Add item level forecasting powered by Datarithm, with cost data, and you end up with a powerful tool called RxCloud Analytics™. Since all drugs are stored in native packaging, there is no need for pharmacy staff to restock dispensing cells manually. The remote stock management feature manages all the inventory and filling, even in the refrigerator. The best part: we’re compatible with virtually all pharmacy management software.

Get DSCSA Compliant now!

RxSafe technology automatically and accurately tracks all drugs in the pharmacy, down to the pill or package by product lot number, expiration date, national drug code (NDC), and a serial number. While greatly enhancing pharmacy efficiency, this level of inventory tracking gets your pharmacy ready to read the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) barcodes, as this data satisfies serialization by the unique product identifier. Let RxSafe help you get DSCSA compliant-ready by the November 27, 2018 deadline hassle-free.

Now Comes with a Remote Workstation
Many pharmacies’ workflow requires concurrent tasks like checking in inventory, filling prescriptions, and accessing reports for things to run smoothly and efficiently. Since the RxSafe 1800 now comes with a RxAWS™ (Auxiliary Workstation), these activities can be accomplished simultaneously without disruption.

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