ScriptDrop’s team of healthcare experts have revolutionized prescription delivery by seamlessly connecting pharmacies to a network of trained, professional couriers. Established in 2017, ScriptDrop partners with pharmacies, health systems and couriers to ensure patients get their needed medication as safely and efficiently as possible. With delivery options across all 50 states, ScriptDrop is the first medication delivery program that integrates directly into the pharmacists’ workflow in an effort to reduce medication abandonment and improve patient outcomes. ScriptDrop is based in Columbus, Ohio with a mission to help one billion patients, one prescription at a time.ScriptDrop can make the delivery process more efficient for your pharmacy, while saving you money. Here are our service offerings:

On-Demand Delivery
Delivered within 2 hours with real-time delivery dispatch.

Same-Day Delivery
Orders are picked up, same-day and completed within a 4 hour service window.

Next-Day Delivery
Orders are picked up at close of business and delivered during business hours the next day.

Integrations with FedEx, USPS, and UPS offering multiple service levels with discounted rates.

SaaS Service Plus
Includes our network of couriers, real-time status updates, signature at delivery and  tamper-evident packaging.

Direct Integration
All of the above is available at the click of a button within the PrimeRx pharmacy system.

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