Sushoo Health Information Exchange

Sushoo Health Information Exchange

Evolved, Electronic and Eco-Friendly

Sushoo leads the way nationwide-streamlining communication between providers of healthcare, saving time and money while reducing errors, leading to more reliable, safe and cost-effective healthcare for all.

Sushoo links doctors, hospitals, labs, nursing homes, prison systems, specialists and anyone who manages patient health records in the private sector and on the community level. The system connects healthcare providers nationwide through a secure network for accessing patient data and health records, regardless of what type of record keeping system the providers use. 

Sushoo is the HIE (Health Information Exchange) is now integrating with EMR/EHRs to offer this technology to their existing customer base, enabling them to meet ARRA's definitions. Designed to work with or without an EMR/ EHR, Sushoo fits the way you want to run your practice. Written in XML, HL7- Sushoo is interoperable and will integrate into any EMR/ EHR. 

The system offers instant and secure transmission, storage, and sharing of patient records, lab and test results, photos, x-rays, voice note files and any file utilized in patient record keeping. 

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