Ever wish you could provide your patients with digital medication guides and patient education sheets?

VUCA Health has created a solution to help your pharmacy go paperless! Now, in all 50 states and Washington D.C., pharmacies can now offer a paperless alternative to the traditional leaflets given with every prescription.

VUCA Health is now integrated into PrimeRx so you can seamlessly offer the digital solution, called MedsOnCue. Once enabled, your labels print a QR code giving your patients digital access to information about the specific NDC.

Patients scan the QR code with any Apple or Google device to receive all the information they would usually obtain on paper. Patients can also access a short video about their prescription and even view a high-resolution image of their medication that’s NDC specific.

On-Demand Video Library

  • Every video is available in English and Spanish
  • Average of two minutes in length
  • Written at a 5th-grade reading level

Covers the most important and common information the patient needs to know:

  • What the medication is for
  • Why it’s important to take as instructed
  • How to take the medication
  • Side effects
  • How to get the best results from the medication 

How does it work?

  • Micro Merchant Systems clients sign up with VUCA Health at
  • A VUCA health representative will generate an ID for the pharmacy, gather medication details, and send information to the Micro Merchant Systems (MMS).
  • MMS label programmers will then generate a barcode on the pharmacy label.
  • When the patient scans the barcode, it will take the patient to a website, where a professional video branded by your pharmacy will start playing.
  • Your pharmacy's branded video will then counsel the patient on his/her prescribed medication.
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