Payment Systems

Payment Systems


Micro Merchant Systems interfaces with Worldpay, a leading provider of comprehensive protected payment services including online payments, card machines, and telephone payments.  Key services include: Payment devices, payment software, data security, real-time reporting, ACH transfers, payment gateways and omni-channel transactions (credit/debit/gift card).

Basic payment processing features:

  • Payment device—If you’re not using an integrated POS system, your processor can provide you with many credit card terminals to choose from.
  • Payment software—The software or API (application programming interface) in your terminal or POS system enables you to connect to a payment processor’s network for transaction processing.
  • Data security—Transactions communicate sensitive cardholder information that needs to be protected from data thieves throughout the process.
  • Real-time reports—Having visibility into your real-time transaction history can help eliminate errors and prevent unnecessary chargebacks.
  • Payment gateway—Some processors have a direct connection to the authorization network. Others connect to a payment gateway to access the system.
  • Transactions—Making credit/debit/gift card transactions is the primary purpose of a payment processor, so make sure yours has consistent up-time.
  • ACH transfers—Your payment processor is integral to the movement of funds from the cardholder’s account to your business’ bank account.


Micro Merchant Systems interfaces with Heartland, a leading provider of secure, comprehensive payment processing services.  Among its suite of solutions, Heartland assists pharmacies in registering with SIG-IS, Visa and Mastercard, which is required in order to accept FSA/HRA cards.