Payment Systems

Payment Systems

World Pay

World Pay offers protected payment services for businesses, including payments online, card machines and telephone payments.

Small Business: Ability to accept payments, however, customers want to pay. Payments are completed simple for your business, whether in-store, online or mobile devices 

Basic payment processing features:

  • Payment device—If you’re not using an integrated POS system, your processor can provide you with many credit card terminals to choose from.
  • Payment software—The software or API (application programming interface) in your terminal or POS system enables you to connect to a payment processor’s network for transaction processing.
  • Data security—Transactions communicate sensitive cardholder information that needs to be protected from data thieves throughout the process.
  • Real-time reports—Having visibility into your real-time transaction history can help eliminate errors and prevent unnecessary chargebacks.
  • Payment gateway—Some processors have a direct connection to the authorization network. Others connect to a payment gateway to access the system.
  • Transactions—Making credit/debit/gift card transactions is the primary purpose of a payment processor, so make sure yours has consistent up-time.
  • ACH transfers—Your payment processor is integral to the movement of funds from the cardholder’s account to your business’ bank account.

Partner Payment Processing Solutions. The new program includes rewards, resources, product support and dedicated resources to help your business grow and prosper.


Micro MerchantsPrimeRx™ interfaces with Heartland, a secure payment processing software. Rest assured that you and your patients are in safe hands. From pharmacies, hospital, nursing homes, school districts, restaurants and retail, we have a security solution that suits your needs. Heartland assurances to keep your customer’s information safe. PrimeRx and Heartland provide the right tools to protect your business. We take security very seriously and will be your advocate and ally in safeguarding your data. With this comes expert customer support, comprehensive tools and a reputation built on integrity that Micro Merchants Systems relies on.