Robotic Interfaces

Robotic Interfaces


Micro Merchant Systems interfaces with ScriptPro, a pharmacy solutions provider that offers robotic dispensing and pharmacy workflow systems, that help optimize retail and ambulatory pharmacy operations and promote safe and effective medication use and adherence. Micro Merchants interfaces with ScriptPro that provides innovative, seamlessly integrated, robotics-enabled systems to optimize retail and ambulatory pharmacy services.Robotic dispensing can fill 40-75% of your daily prescription volume. It does this work with extreme accuracy and safety. The robot drives the workflow and eliminates chaos in both high and low volume practice settings.From the largest hospitals in the world to the smallest retail pharmacies, ScriptPro is freeing up pharmacists' time to provide additional patient care and create new revenue services.

Parata Systems

Parata Systems offers pharmacy technology solutions including Parata Max, a high-speed robotic dispenser that can automate up to 60 percent of a typical pharmacy’s script volume.  In addition, a comprehensive adherence program using Parata’s Patient Adherence Strip System  (PASS) helps improve Star Ratings, medication adherence and patient outcomes.

Kirby Lester

Micro Merchant Systems interfaces with Kirby Lester, a global leader in pharmacy automation and high-speed pill/tablet counting solutions.

iMedicare (now Amplicare)

iMedicare, which was rebranded as Amplicare in 2018, offers a comprehensive platform from which patients, pharmacists, and other stakeholders can review and compare Medicare plans.   The platform allows access to nearly all aspects of Medicare plans, including premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and reimbursements.

Pharmacy Innovations

Micro Merchant Systems interfaces with Pharmacy Innovations, which offers specialized and compounded medicines to meet customers’ unique needs.