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Multi-Pharmacy Inventory Management

The PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory management solution
addresses a critical reality in today’s pharmacies:

Drugs often have different pricing structures, depending on plan and pricing program requirements. This means a pharmacy must have an effective way of managing separate inventories from each source while maintaining visibility into the overall inventory function.

PrimeRx Multiple Inventory is the pharmacy inventory management software that provides that capability with an impressive, user-friendly solution allowing pharmacies to set up and manage distinct inventories, all within the PrimeRx operating system.

This enables pharmacies nationwide to easily manage inventory sources, such as wholesalers, regarding activity for both retail patients and 340B patients.

How the PrimeRx Multiple Inventory System Works?

The PrimeRx Multiple Inventory management system allows a particular wholesaler to have several inventories associated with it, with each inventory “bucket” linked. This linkage enables the pharmacy to easily access the wholesaler’s overall drug activity. In addition, pharmacies can now assign specific inventory sources to specific facilities for both retail and 340B patients. If a patient is associated with a particular facility, the pharmacy can link the patient with that facility. This allows the appropriate inventory source to automatically appear during the data entry process.


Our Multi-Pharmacy Portal provides a single host configuration that directs the flow of information to-and-from each store. All stores operate on the same platform, use the same software, and share visibility into key processes.

Owners have complete visibility into all aspects of each location. From dispensing activity to inventory levels to staff productivity and everything else, owners can track this information both at the individual store level, as well as for the entire organization.

Patient requests to switch medication pickup locations can be accommodated by seamlessly transferring a prescription to a different store.

Medications are automatically added to each store’s inventory upon arrival from the wholesaler.

  • Inventory levels are automatically adjusted each time a medication is dispensed or used to prepare a compounded drug.
  • Pharmacy owners can program the system to generate an automatic reorder to the wholesaler when a medication reaches a pre-determined level.
  • Inventory levels can be accessed in real-time for each individual pharmacy, along with comprehensive counts across the entire network.
  • Using the portal, a pharmacy owner can customize inventory reports for each store, with reports automatically generated on a pre-determined schedule. A pharmacy owner might use this important information to shift inventory between stores, or to adjust reorder levels.

Real-time access to performance metrics including payroll, fixed costs, inventory costs, prescription volume, OTC product sales, reimbursement rates, and DIR fees, among dozens of other options.

  • Information can be accessed in a variety of formats:
    • At the individual store level.
    • Store-by-store comparisons
    • Bottom line overview of the entire network.
    • Pharmacy owners can use PrimeCENTRAL to zero-in on specific data elements, and customize reports based on that information.
  • Extensive Report Generation
    • Owners can request customized reports on a wide range of subjects, both at the individual store and network level.
    • The system can be programmed to generate recurring reports, with updated reports automatically delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Ability to transfer prescriptions between locations.
  • Ability to access loyalty programs and accrue/redeem points at any location.
  • Seamless access to patient records from any location. This ensures a pharmacist’s ability to deliver appropriate, accurate counsel to a patient, regardless of which location the patient visits.

Mobile Apps for Added Convenience and Flexibility

Online portal that allows patients to submit refill requests directly to your pharmacy. Refill requests automatically load to the PrimeRx refill queue. Pharmacies can accept refills 24/7.

With our Owners APP you can take their pharmacies with them as they move about their busy days!  Monitor day-to-day operations from the refill queue, access up-to-the-minute financial data, view summary reports for various aspects of the pharmacy.

pharmacy pos system, pos for pharmacy, pharmacy point of sale, pos pharmacy system