Do You Own Multiple Pharmacies?

Multi-Pharmacy Owners have Unique Needs. PrimeRx™ has the Ideal Solutions.

Multi-pharmacy ownership provides an opportunity to serve more patients, offer additional services, and improve financial viability. But full integration of pharmacy workflows and complete visibility are critical to success. PrimeRx™ offers solutions that address these and other unique multi-pharmacy needs.

What to look for in a
Pharmacy Management System for multi-pharmacy use cases

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Single Platform for a System-Wide Network

A system that allows each pharmacy to operate on the same platform with seamless integration of all workflows.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps


Choose a system that integrates point-of-sale capabilities across all pharmacies. This includes the ability to access and manage customer loyalty programs, record all transactions, and provide consistent customer experiences.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Complete Real-time Visibility

A solution that captures financial information for each store and allows access to that data in a variety of formats. This includes the ability to view data at the individual store level; via store-by-store comparisons; or through a bottom-line overview of the entire network.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Customization and Ease of Use

Since no two pharmacies are the same, insist on a solution that can be customized for your unique needs. Make sure the system is easy to operate and adds efficiency to pharmacy operations.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Inventory Management

A system that manages and tracks inventories both at the individual store level and for the entire organization.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Customer Service

Good customer service is vital. Make sure your system provider offers 24/7 service options with fast access to trained technicians.

PrimeRx – Targeted Solutions for Multi-Pharmacy Management

Multi-pharmacy ownership doesn’t have to mean multiple headaches. PrimeRx addresses the unique challenges of operating multiple pharmacies with a single-platform solution that integrates all workflows, provides full visibility, and makes it easier to serve patients.


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Pharmacist in the Spotlight

Multiple pharmacy locations whitepaper with Alivia health

Alivia Health

We needed a way of having metrics and dashboards, with all our data front and center. We needed to see reporting in a centralized way, rather than managing each store as a separate business.

“The system’s flexibility and customization capabilities have been gamechangers”