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PrimeRx™ Now Offers Seamless Integration with Amplicare Workflow Automation Platform

December 18, 2019

Micro Merchant Systems, Inc

PrimeRx™ Now Offers Seamless Integration with Amplicare Workflow Automation Platform

Syosset, New York –  Micro Merchant Systems has announced that its PrimeRx™ pharmacy management system can now fully integrate with the Amplicare workflow automation platform.  With this capability, which is available on a subscription basis, PrimeRx™ users can seamlessly access automated decision making capabilities, which will improve pharmacy efficiency and patient services.

A participating pharmacy can select which of Amplicare's many capabilities are most suitable for its needs, and integrate those tools directly into the PrimeRx™ operating system.  Through Amplicare's automated, intelligent processing, a pharmacy can attain key benefits that include:

    • Improved patient medication adherence, which has the added benefits of increasing  pharmacy sales and improving a pharmacy's star rating performance. 
    • Automated, customized outbound phone, email and text campaigns to promote improved patient outcomes.
    • Proactive identification of opportunities to help mitigate DIR fees.
    • Plan comparisons to help Medicare and Medicaid patients identify most appropriate and cost efficient plans.

"Integration with the Amplicare platform is a natural fit for the PrimeRx™ operating system, said Akbar Merchant, Micro Merchant Systems president and owner.  "PrimeRx™ users have come to expect high levels of innovation and efficiency from their technology system and now, with direct access to Amplicare's industry-leading suite of tools, those expectations have been exceeded." 

In addition to improved pharmacy workflow and efficiency, Amplicare provides critically-important opportunities for pharmacists to better service patients through pro-active alerts.  Amplicare's "smart solution" continuously reviews patient records, and delivers important interventions directly into the pharmacy's daily workflow, allowing the pharmacist to take corrective action.  Key notification capabilities include:

    • Low Adherence:  Identification of patients in need of refills, or who are "probable" for non-adherence. 
    • Gap Therapy:  Identification of patients (ACE/ARB, Statin) who may not have proper medication or treatment plans in place for their diagnoses.  This in turn will allow for pharmacist/patient consultations to get the patient on the proper treatment course, and help improve pharmacy performance measures.
    • Nutrient Depletion:  Identification of patients likely to experience a nutrient deficiency based on their prescription regimen.  These patients will be offered counseling, with recommendations for OTC products to help address any such deficiency.
    • Flu Vaccination:  Utilization of the Amplicare workflow automation platform to identify patients who may be susceptible to the flu, and alert the pharmacist to recommend receiving a flu shot.
    • Naloxone Intervention:  Amplicare will identify patients – and their family members – who may be at risk of an opioid overdose, and provide information about Naloxone as an overdose-reversal medication.

"As technology continues to take us to new levels, including the untapped potential of intelligence as a game changer in pharmacy operations, PrimeRx™ will continue to lead, and to offer pharmacies the most beneficial and impactful solutions possible," Micro Merchant Systems Chief Executive Officer Ketan Mehta noted.  "This enhanced partnership with Amplicare is yet another example of how the Micro Merchant Systems team continues to develop and collaborate with innovative partners to keep our PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System operating at the forefront of technology."

About Amplicare

Amplicare is the leading decision-automation platform that intelligently identifies relevant opportunities for healthcare providers to proactively improve patient care.  The benefits of the platform including helping providers more efficiently impact their patient communities, while providing better healthcare options for patients.  With over 5,000 pharmacy subscribers, Amplicare delivers an unrivaled platform that increases patient retention, improves performance measures, diversifies revenue streams, and enables providers to communicate with their patients more easily than ever before.  

About Micro Merchant Systems

Micro Merchant Systems is a market leader in developing pharmacy management solutions to help fill prescriptions quickly and securely, while seamlessly addressing unique customer and workflow needs.

The premier PrimeRx™ software solution serves as the backbone of today’s busy pharmacy, and includes an innovative suite of tools that can be adapted for each pharmacy’s specific needs.  PrimeRx™ interfaces with additional MMS software applications for comprehensive