Speed and convenience — along with increased demand for contactless transactions —  are among the top benefits of prescription home deliveries, but for many pharmacies, the process of preparing a prescription for shipment is labor intensive. This negates the hope for speed and convenience, and also increases the risk of errors which can delay on-time deliveries.


The process can be a lot simpler thanks to the PrimeSHIPPING™ module, accessible via the PrimeRx™ management system. PrimeSHIPPING™ links PrimeRx™ and a pharmacy's designated shipping software manager to automate and manage the shipping process. Through PrimeSHIPPING™, everything from identification of prescriptions to be shipped to label generation to tracking capability, are handled seamlessly and accurately. The net result is the ability to automate the shipping process, and easily provide tracking information to patients.

Key features include:

  • Patient address information is selected within PrimeRx™ and exported to the pharmacy's designated shipping software manager for label generation.
  • The shipping software manager transmits tracking information back to PrimeRx™ which can be immediately accessed by pharmacy staff.
  • Pharmacy staff can flag a prescription for shipping, and easily designate a preferred shipping company and delivery date. In addition, multiple prescriptions can be combined into a single order, and alternative addresses can be identified. 

You can flag an Rx for shipping using any of the following methods:

  • Flagging an Rx for shipping during Rx Entry
  • Flagging an Rx for shipping in Rx Entry/Rx History windows
  • Flagging an Rx for Delivery within Edit RX window

Download the brochure for integration requirements, delivery, and shipping information.