Pharmacy Domain Set-up

All industries need to have an online presence, but many independent pharmacies do not have their websites. Online customers may be searching for products and services or may be looking for pertinent information about your pharmacies, such as opening hours or a telephone number. If you do not have a website, this information will come from third parties, and you will have no control over what your customers are viewing or where their online search leads them. There is the possibility that they may be directed to a competitor’s website, which could result in the loss of that customer.

For most pharmacies, using a website designer is a sensible choice. Choosing ansuitable partner can be a problem and making the wrong choice can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. Pharmacy is a unique and complicated business, so any provider that you choose will need to understand this and have a good knowledge of the profession.

Micro Merchant Systems technicians will guide you to set up an appropriate pharmacy domain name.

At Micro Merchant Systems we will go the extra step to help our customers gain an online presence.

With a client-centered approach, our customizable suite of products accommodates the needs of individual pharmacies for maximum impact in productivity.