Pre-Post Editing Services

Pre-Post Editing Services

It’d be easy if every reimbursement claim was the same – if all a pharmacy had to do was make minor tweaks to an existing claim and send it off for reimbursement.

Unfortunately, that’s not how today’s pharmacy works.  Every claim is unique and relies on the accurate conveyance of multiple data points.  Sometimes, mistakes happen.  And given the confining nature of an insurance form, it can often be difficult to identify specific details about a particular claim, which can result in a lower-than-expected reimbursement rate.

Micro Merchant Systems understands the importance of an accurate filing and has developed a pre-and-post editing solution to improve the integrity of your claims.  Our editing services allow you to pre-populate common fields, such as the name and address of your pharmacy.  Our solution also evaluates each claim to identify variables that could potentially affect your rate of reimbursement.  Those variables are attached to the claim in the form of an actionable message and will help ensure a smoother claims review process, and a maximum reimbursement.

Pre-Post Editing Services Key Benefits:

  • Achieve maximum rates of reimbursement
  • Reduce claim submission errors
  • Improve pharmacy staff productivity and efficiency
  • Enable better strategic decisions
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness in pharmacy claims management
  • Real-time pharmacy claims validation
  • Meaningful and actionable pre-and-post editing messages
  • Continual updates and new claim edits based on changes to payer and industry requirements