Prescriber Validation Service (PVS)

Prescriber Validation Service (PVS)

Pharmacists have a duty to verify the federal and state licensing credentials of a physician who prescribes a controlled substance.  Failure to do so can result in significant monetary penalties, plus an increased likelihood of being flagged for an audit.

Our Prescriber Validation Service (PVS) allows pharmacies to seamlessly perform this credential check as a routine part of filling a controlled substance prescription.  PVS provides real-time access to prescriber NPI and DEA credentials, as well as state licensing information and authorization activity.

Micro Merchant Systems processes thousands of transactions each day, with prescriber information updated in real time based on updates received from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), state licensing agencies, and the National Technical Information Service.  

Our Prescriber Validation Service can be customized to meet your pharmacy’s precise needs.  Rely on PVS as your single-source solution for compliance with this important compliance requirement.

Prescriber Validation Service Key Features;

  • Validation of prescriber or supervising prescriber DEA and National Provider Identification (NPI) credentials in real time
  • Customize exclusion lists
  • Determine if a prescriber or supervising prescriber is listed on the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) List of Excluded Individuals, is on any state licensing exclusionary lists, or if the individual is retired or deceased
  • Verification of prescriber’s authority to prescribe drugs for opiate treatment programs
  • Verification of prescriber’s DEA license to prescribe controlled substances
  • Consistent validation of physician credentials reduces the risk of being flagged for an audit
  • Automatic validation saves time since the staff does not need to manually verify credentials
  • Customization of PVS to meet a pharmacy’s unique needs.  This can include facilitating the reimbursement process by attaching required validation information to individual prescriptions.