Prescription e-vouchers

An Electronic Coupon Program provides a digital coupon to help reduce patients’ out-of-pocket costs on specific prescription products. The feature of the solution is to eliminating steps in pharmacy workflow while increasing pharmacy cost-effectiveness and saves cash for the patients. Messages are directed by with manufacturer-partner co-payment help on select products. The pharmacy software systems automatically adjust the copay on the third-party claim for you.

The solution cuts patients’ out-of-pocket costs, reduces the cost of medication agreement, and endorses increased adherence and future refills. Patients save money just by using a participating pharmacy location without remembering to bring in an alternate discount source. If a patient prefers to use a paper coupon and member card that may offer a more significant benefit, you do have the ability to no use the electronic voucher.

PrimeRx has built-in features to accommodate the elevation coupon program.

• Copay Exception Code

This exception code is assigned by the insurance company to patients who are exempted from paying the copay amount

• Rx Origin Code

Electronic – select this option if the Rx originated via electronic means

• Coupon Type

Coupons are used to promote use of a particular drug by Insurance companies by giving discounts to the patient on those drugs.

• Coupon Payer Id

Review or edit the coupon payer ID

• Coupon Number

Review or edit the coupon number

• Coupon Value

Review or edit the discount value on the coupon.

• Coupon Pay Date

Review or edit the coupon pay date

• Procedure Modifiers

At times the insurance company requires modifiers to be assigned to the drug. You may review or edit these modifiers in this group-box.