Prescription E-Vouchers

Prescription E-Vouchers

As a growing number of pharmaceutical companies discontinue the practice of leaving product samples behind at doctors’ offices, the use of electronic coupons, or e-vouchers, has skyrocketed as a convenient way to reach both prescribers and patients.  The increased use of e-vouchers puts the onus on pharmacies though, to establish protocols for accepting, validating, redeeming and recording those transactions.  For example, a system must be in place for determining the required co-pay, and ensuring that all patient payments are recorded.

Our Prescription E-Voucher solution to the rescue!  Our software system allows pharmacies to seamlessly and efficiently manage e-vouchers while ensuring that every step of the transaction is accurately recorded.  The system will even make automatic copay adjustments at the time the transaction is made.  

The solution facilitates the process for your staff, while allowing customers to enjoy full benefits of their e-coupon, thereby reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Prescription E-Voucher Additional Information:

  • System will automatically capture all coupon information, including amount of discount and number of coupons redeemed for a particular drug
  • Our PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System includes features to accommodate the e-voucher solution
  • Copay Exception Code is assigned by an insurance company to patients who are exempt from copay charges
  • Prescription Origin Code option can be selected if the prescription accompanying the e-voucher was generated electronically
  • Insurance company-required drug modifiers can be reviewed or edited via the system
  • Coupon Payer ID can be reviewed or edited
  • Coupon Number can be reviewed or edited
  • Coupon Value can be reviewed or edited
  • Coupon Pay Date can be reviewed or edited