MMS eVoucher & Denial Conversion Services

MMS eVoucher & Denial Conversion Services

Is your pharmacy struggling to keep patients from abandoning their high-cost prescriptions?

Pharmacies have a new tool to help patients afford their medications. MMS eVoucher & Denial Conversion services provide critical capabilities that include:

  • Access to manufacturer-sponsored vouchers at point of sale, which help reduce patient co-pays.
  • Conversion of claims rejected as non-reimbursable to “paid,” thus allowing the pharmacy to dispense the medication – and receive reimbursement.

What is MMS eVoucher Service?
MMS eVoucher & Denial Conversion services is a manufacturer-sponsored program that Micro Merchant Systems administers through the PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System. When your pharmacy processes a prescription through PrimeRx™, the system automatically searches for applicable vouchers. Voucher amounts are automatically applied to the medication’s cost, which reduces the patient’s co-pay.

What is Denial Conversion?

  • Denial Conversion is another manufacturer-sponsored solution available through PrimeRx™. Should a claim be rejected as non-reimbursable, the Denial Conversion solution converts the transaction to “paid,” thus allowing the patient to receive the prescribed medication.
  • Pharmacies are reimbursed for the cost of the medication.
  • The pharmacy also receives an administrative fee.

MMS eVoucher & Denial Conversion services combines these critical capabilities into a single, seamless solution administered directly within PrimeRx™.

How Does it Work?

  • MMS eVoucher Services works in real-time during adjudication to locate and apply manufacturer eVouchers available for a specific medication. Cost reductions are immediately passed along to patients via reduced co-pays.
  • When a claim is rejected as non-reimbursable, Denial Conversion automatically converts the claim to “paid.” Note: Government plans are excluded.
  • The pharmacy also receives an administrative fee.

What are the Patient benefits?

  • Patients leave the pharmacy with their medications.
  • Immediate co-pay savings
  • Reduced out-of-pocket costs
  • Improved medication adherence
  • Eliminates the need to retain paper coupons since the enter process is electronic


What are the Pharmacy benefits? 

  • Advances the pharmacy’s role as a trusted healthcare provide
  • Allows the pharmacist to help patients obtain their medications
  • Pharmacies receive an administrative fee based on the volume and amount of eVouchers applied and Denial Conversion transactions completed
  • Improved time efficiency by eliminating pharmacy workflow steps: 
    • Co-pays are automatically adjusted, with no need for staff involvement.
    • No need to submit additional coordination of benefits claims.
    • Reduces callbacks and dispensing interruptions
  • Reduces prescription abandonment
  • Builds customer loyalty and improves customer retention
  • For further efficiency, federal and state government-funded programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, have been excluded from the solution.
  • Seamless integration with PrimeRx™
  • Free membership with no hidden fees!

*eVoucher cannot be used at pharmacies in states that prohibit co-pay assistance at the point of dispensing (e.g., Massachusetts).