eVoucherRx™ with Denial Conversion Program

eVoucherRx™ with Denial Conversion Program

Is your pharmacy struggling to keep patients from abandoning their high-cost prescriptions? eVoucherRx™ from RelayHealth provides a solution with manufacturer-sponsored electronic vouchers to help reduce patient co-payments.

What is the RelayHealth eVoucherRx - Denial Conversion Program?

The eVoucherRx - Denial Conversion program is a manufacturer-sponsored program that automatically applies savings to commercial claims that have been denied coverage by third-party plans but meet manufacturer criteria. Denial Conversion advances the pharmacy’s role as a trusted healthcare provider by making prescription medications more affordable and accessible for patients.

When a qualified claim is rejected by the Payer as non-reimbursable, Denial Conversion automatically converts that claim to a “Paid” status and appends a message in the response to the pharmacist.

How does it work
When you add Denial Conversion interface to your PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management Systems, the Program evaluates prescriptions as they are submitted via PrimeRx™ and automatically applies the co-pay savings to qualified claims. Denial Conversion is targeted to patients with commercial insurance coverage and automatically excludes government-sponsored programs and cash claims.

How will you know an eVoucherRx was applied?
You will know that eVoucher has applied for copay assistance every time you see the following message in the “prescription message” field:
*eVoucher* [Manufacturer Name], the mfr of [Drug Name] paid $xx toward your plan copay

What are the benefits

  • By reducing patients’ out-of-pocket costs, Denial Conversion assists in decreasing cost barriers to medication compliance and promotes increased adherence and future refills
  • Excludes known federal and state government-funded programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Promotes repeat business through proactive intervention to reduce the cost of your patient’s medications
  • Helps eliminate the submission of additional coordination of benefits claims from your pharmacy’s workflow
  • Increases payment processing through Denial Conversion claims
  • Helps reduce workflow interruptions and increases pharmacy efficiency
  • Simplifies patients’ co-pay savings
  • Works in real-time at the point of dispensing

For more information contact call 866-495-3999 or email sales@micromerchantsystems.com

*eVoucher cannot be used at pharmacies in states that prohibit co-pay assistance at the point of dispensing (e.g., Massachusetts).