Prescription Price Analyzer

Prescription Price Analyzer

Identifying the proper price point for prescription drugs is a key challenge for today’s pharmacies.  Price a drug too high and you run the risk of being non-competitive or worse, of being accused of price gouging.  Set the price too low and you may end up losing money on sales of that drug.

Micro Merchant System’s Prescription Price Analyzer is the ideal solution for helping pharmacies strike the right balance in determining drug pricing.  Our system allows quick access to competitive pricing information for a particular drug.  Pricing information can be accessed for a particular geographic region, and can also be tracked over a historical period.

Our Prescription Price Analyzer ensures the competitiveness of your pharmacy’s pricing structure, and provides a level of confidence for business decisions that are based on drug-sale profit estimates.

Prescription Price Analyzer Key Benefits:

  • Drug pricing transparency
  • Cost comparisons based on geography, competitors and other metrics
  • Cost-effective, convenient drug pricing reference
  • Monthly access to accurate drug prices