PrimeCOMM (Communications Module)

PrimeCOMM (Communications Module)

PrimeCOMM is a secure two-way outbound calling, SMS/TXT, and email solution. This service is used to communicate with patients and physicians through a secure platform, built within PrimeRx™ and integrated seamlessly into the pharmacy's day-to-day workflow. Send messages reminding patients to take their medications, or it's time to refill/pick up an Rx, even send holiday greetings to both the patients and physicians.

    1. Send and Receive SMS/TXT message to the Patients
    2. Automated Outbound Calls to the Patient
    • Happy Birthday message (Patients love this)
    • Prescription Ready for Pickup message
    • Refill Reminders
    • Refill not picked up Reminders (1st, 2nd, and Final reminder)
    • Dose Reminders (especially beneficial for Senior citizens)
    • New Rx Received message (works flawlessly for e-prescriptions)
    • General Messages (Flu camps, targeted messages to Patients for certain Therapies/Disease State)
    General Pricing

    • 3000 SMS/Text Messages (Inbound and Outbound)
    • 2000 Automated Outbound Calls


    • Unlimited Inbound and Outbound SMS/Text Messages
    • Unlimited Automated Outbound Calls

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    The healthcare industry, in particular, is outpacing others in its use of SMS. Physicians and pharmacists are leveraging texting as a strategic tool to improve the patient experience and their internal processes. Everyday use of SMS includes notifications around advising them that the pharmacy has received an electronic script, pick-up reminder reminders, prescription refills alerts. Secure text messaging in healthcare offers an efficient way to facilitate information transfer related to patient care. Text messaging has also emerged as a favorite and efficient way for many organizations to improve customer experience. Secure text messaging in healthcare offers an efficient way to facilitate information transfer related to patient care.
    The following are examples of how healthcare providers and pharmacists are using SMS as a communication channel to their benefits with PrimeCOMM.
    • Encryption: 256-bit encryption, which is considered the industry standard to ensure patient protected health information (PHI) is transmitted securely. It’s also important that the encryption safeguard messages not only when they’re sent, but even when they’re stored.
    • Notifications and alerts - One of the most significant benefits of secure texting in healthcare is speeding up communication between providers to enable effective treatment decisions to be made faster.
    • Voice to text features - A capability that enables the physician or nurse to verbally “dictate” the text message could come in handy in situations where the text message might need to be a little longer or if it’s easier to say it than to type it. Make sure that the mobile device is set to ensure that the text message is still being sent securely and not using a native or unsecured text capability.
    • Technical support - Any time a new technology comes to the healthcare environment, along with it comes the risk that there will be a breakdown or the need for technical support. Text messaging in the healthcare and pharmacy environment requires assurance technical support resources will be available.
    • Group communication - The ability to send a single text message to multiple people and receive responses will help your team improve the coordination of care.