Project Management

Multiple pharmacy owners can gather PrimeRx reports for all their locations. The ‘MyPrimeRx’ app can be downloaded to a tablet or a mobile device. PrimeRx generates a daily, weekly or monthly report, and sends the reports to a specific IP address.The ‘MyPrimeRx’ app is linked to Prime Communications service.

The ‘MyPrimeRx’ App is linked to Prime Communications Service. After installing ‘MyPrimeRx’ App, the pharmacy owners click "register" fills in pharmacy registration.

The home screen displays seven sections:

  1. Rx by Count (Bar Graph for 7 Days),
  2. Rx by Total Amount (Bar Graph for 7 Days),
  3. Rx by Drug Class (Pie Chart Graph for Today),
  4. Rx by Insurance (Pie Chart Graph for Today),
  5. Rx by Brand/Generic (Pie Chart Graph for Today)
  6. Primary Status (Dates for Last Backup Data, Last Price Update and Last EDI Update and Version for PrimeRx and Clinical Data) and
  7. Work Queues (Counts for Unbilled, eRx, Refill and Label Queue)