Pharmacies face an ongoing challenge to protect patient health information (PHI). While manual logs and handwritten prescriptions are being replaced by electronic records, opportunities still exist for patients health information (PHI) breaches to occur. Pharmacies can be especially vulnerable when receiving prescriptions from physicians. To stop a breach from occurring, pharmacies must prioritize security in their business workflow.

PrimeSfax™ system allows secure management of the important fax communications that flow between pharmacies, medical offices, and healthcare facilities.  PrimeSfax™ allows you to send, receive, add notes, digitally sign and manage faxes without printing a single hard copy document.  Safely manage the critical flow of faxes with our powerful, HIPAA compliant, flexible and easy to use solution.

Save time by sending and receiving faxes from within your PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System environment. Keep all your faxes organized through the use of the Incoming Fax Queue that will allow you to search faxes by number, comment or sender and view incoming documents by date received. Preview documents in an editable preview module where you can save, download, print, email, split, edit, annotate, add pages, merge, collect and store documents as PDFs throughout your PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System.

Have the convenience of the Incoming Fax Queue receiving refills requests, new prescriptions orders, prior approval response forms or any documents pertaining your patients. 

Inbound faxes get stored within the PrimeRx™ Fax Tab, from where faxes can be transferred to document queues and linked to prescriptions, patient files, eCare plans, or clinical reports.

Send secure patient refill requests or rejected transactions to prescribers or facilities with prescription information, cover pages and date and time stamps through PrimeSfax™ outbound faxing capabilities right from PrimeRx™.

Utilize PrimeSfax™ for storage, management and communication of your patient's health information and eliminate the risks and costs associated with a non-HIPAA fax communication tool.

Below are secure outbound fax line service offerings:

  • Standard 350 pages/month 
  • Essential 700 pages/month 
  • Professional 1,500 pages/month 
  • Enterprise #1 2,500 pages/month 
  • Enterprise #2 5,000 pages/month 
  • Enterprise #3 7,500 pages/month
  • Unlimited pages per month

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