Designed for pharmacy management outbound and inbound correspondence between pharmacist and healthcare provider. Inbound and Outbound. Designed to endure the strictness of healthcare, PrimeSfax enables you to send, receive, add notes, digitally sign and manage faxes without printing a single physical document. Safely manage all your faxing with powerful, easy to use features and enterprise-level flexibility, HIPAA Compliant Fax.

PrimeSfax Key features
  • Eliminate manual faxing and associated costs
  • Send and receive faxes with in PrimeRx, pharmacy management system
  • Inbound and Outbound
  • Receive prescriptions from physicians
  • Transmitting information to insurers
  • Print-to-fax faxes documents from your desktop
  • methods are available for sending a Refill Request
  • Automated audit trails and activity tracking
  • Annotate and digitally sign faxed documents
  • Store patient information
  • Prevent PHI breach
  • Completed fax grid to show prescriber phone number and drug name against each Rx in the grid
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance
  • HIPAA-secure faxing plans.
Pharmacies are challengedin protecting PHI. Log books are fading away, the pharmacy setting still provides many breaks for a PHI breach to occur. To stop a breach from occurring, pharmacies must remain meticulous about certain characteristics of their business workflow that involve protected patient information, especially when receiving prescriptions from physicians, or when transmitting information to insurers.
PrimeRxhelp pharmacies to minimize business risk through the use of electronic capture of signatures – preventing sensitive information from being exposed to the public.
PrimeRx allow pharmacies to receive prescriptions securely via our web portal which can then be moved into a folder on your network.
Workflow and productivity are also improved by our PrimeRx tools, as there is no limit to the number of documents that can be sent or received at one time – so physician offices will not accept busy signals when faxing or sending to you.