PrimeRx™ Compounding Services

Compounding pharmacies provide patients with customized medications to meet their unique healthcare needs, but, along with this critical service, comes increased regulatory requirements, patient care, recordkeeping and inventory management needs.

PrimeRx™ provides an innovative solution designed specifically for today's busy compounding pharmacies.  Rely on PrimeRx™ to manage these unique demands, so you can have more time to focus on patient needs.

PrimeRx™ offers several capabilities that address compounding pharmacy needs, including:

  • Inventory Management 
    • Automated Inventory.  The system tracks all pharmacy medications, including inventory stored in refrigerators and bulk storage areas.  Specific to compounding pharmacies, PrimeRx™  automatically deducts amounts of drugs used for each compound.  The system continually scans the pharmacy’s inventory, and generates a warning whenever a drug is approaching its expiration date.
    • Automatic ordering.  PrimeRx™ works within the compounding pharmacy to integrate with wholesalers and distributors for seamless ordering.  This includes intuitive ordering capability whereby an order is automatically generated when a drug level reaches a pre-determined level.
  • Integration with National Drug Code. PrimeRx™ integrates with the Food and Drug Administration’s National Drug Code Directory.  Pharmacists rely on this capability to verify the NDC codes of all drug mixture components.
  • Patient Records Management.  Pharmacy staff can document the exact blend of drugs dispensed to each patient, and record specific information and notes about each patient interaction.  Easy access to an updated log of patient medications speeds the refill process, and ensures proper dispensing.
  • Temperature monitoring.  PrimeRx™ assists with the specialized storage needs many compounded medications require.  This includes temperature-control sensors which automatically register readings and generate an alert if a disruption occurs. 

Regulatory Compliance and Recordkeeping.  Good recordkeeping is essential to regulatory compliance.  PrimeRx™ seamlessly stores all documentation related to core processes, including electronic prescriptions, dispensing records, correspondence with prescribers, and inventory records.  

PrimeRx™ – Uniquely Qualified as Your Comprehensive Compounding Pharmacy Solution