PrimeRx™ Inventory Management

Inventory is your pharmacy's most valuable asset.

Adequate inventory supplies mean patients will have access to the right drugs when they need them and a well-managed inventory allows pharmacies to avoid holding excessive amounts of drugs.

With PrimeRx™, pharmacies benefit from a comprehensive inventory management solution.  The technology system tracks all inventory counts, processes incoming medications, automatically submits reorder requests, and maintains meticulous records.  Let PrimeRx™ manage your inventory, while you focus on patients' needs!

PrimeRx™ inventory management capabilities include:

  • Complete Inventory Tracking.  PrimeRx™ allows pharmacies to know precise amounts of each medication, including pills, liquids, refrigerated and shelved materials.  Inventory levels are automatically adjusted each time a medication is dispensed, including ingredients used in compounding.  PrimeRx™ also accommodates medications returned to inventory.
  • Perpetual Inventory Visibility.  The system's comprehensive inventory tracking capability allows pharmacists to know the precise value of their inventory at any given time.
  • Receipt of New Inventory.  No more messy worksheets and manual ledgers!  PrimeRx™ seamlessly imports EDI files transmitted by wholesalers' detailing contents of inbound shipments.
  • Identify Expired Medications.  The system allows the pharmacy to track expiration dates for all medications.  Should a medication approach its expiration date, the system will automatically alert the system user.
  • Automatic Reorder:  PrimeRx™ facilitates direct integration between pharmacies and major wholesalers.  This allows pharmacies to seamlessly transmit orders.  Pharmacies can set a reorder level for each medication, and when that pre-determined point is reached, a new order is automatically transmitted to the wholesaler.
  • Records/Reports:  All inventory records are automatically saved and securely stored within PrimeRx™.  Records can be retrieved directly from the system's navigation bar.  PrimeRx™ can generate reports based on a user's specific needs, including:  Sales by specific drug, fast/slow sellers, daily/weekly/monthly/annual sales, expired drugs, overall inventory levels and many other possibilities.