PrimeRx™ Patient House Accounts

Show customers you care by offering house charge accounts.  This convenience allows patients to pay for all medications on a monthly basis, thereby allowing delivered medications to be automatically billed, and eliminating the need for patients to provide payment at point-of-sale.  

PrimeRx™ allows you to seamlessly manage this service, from billing and payment processing, to meticulous recordkeeping, to customized patient account options.

PrimeRx™ House Account Capabilities Include:

  • Dedicated House Account Section:  Pharmacies can easily maintain all house account records in an easily-accessible section of the pharmacy management system.  Staff members can access the "House Account" section through a button located right on the navigation menu.  
  • User-Friendly Navigation:  House accounts can be easily created and maintained.  PrimeRx™ also allows pharmacy staff the option of looking up an account by a patient's name, which can address instances of patients not remembering/having access to their account numbers.
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable:  
    • The system can automatically generate invoices at the end of each month, and electronically distribute those invoices on a pre-determined date.  
    • Patients who have set up an auto-pay account will have their credit or debit cards charged on a pre-determined basis.  
    • For patients who rely on paper invoices, PrimeRx™ can easily print all required documents.

All house account billing and payment information integrates directly with the pharmacy's overall financial management processes.  This allows for automatic synchronization of key financial records.

  • Customized Patient Account Settings. 
    • Pharmacies can create a personalized account for each patient that includes unique settings. Customization options include:
    • Autopay settings in which a patient's credit card is automatically charged on a pre-determined schedule;
    • Spending limits, based on a patient's payment history; and
    • Designation of authorized users, which allows caregivers and family members to charge medications to a patient's house account.
  • Records Management.  House accounts are seamlessly updated, and securely stored within PrimeRx™.
  • Report Generation.  Pharmacy managers can generate reports across a wide range of topics, including individual patient records and overall pharmacy house account activity.

PrimeRx™ provides a comprehensive, seamless solution for pharmacy house account management