One Central Hub to Manage Every Pharmacy. PrimeCENTRAL is your own Central Intelligence Agency.

PrimeCENTRALTM Features
  • A Web-based Portal created for multiple store owners, who need to control their operations from a central location
  • Allows the owner to operate and manage their business like a Chain
  • View various reports based on individual store basis or in an aggregate manner (combined store view)
  • Provides a better picture of Financials for the entire business
  • Runs on a secure VPN channel
  • Ability to PUSH features from a central office. For example: Push an NDC setting for Preferred Drug for all locations.
  • Ability to control individual stores from Central office
  • Ability to allow Patient Profile view across all locations
  • View inventory (availability of drugs) across multiple sites
  • Allows transfer of refills from one site to another through a single click
  • Facilitates data analytics to make intelligent business decisions and helps in forecasting ordering and dispensing processes
  • Security Manager to control what personnel or owners view reports