PrimeCENTRAL™ Web Portal for Multiple Store Owners

PrimeCENTRAL™ Web Portal For Multiple Store Owners

Owners of multiple pharmacy locations face unique and complex challenges that go beyond the capabilities of most technology systems. To address these challenges, Micro Merchant Systems is pleased to offer the PrimeCENTRAL™ web portal which allows for comprehensive management of pharmacy networks.

PrimeCENTRAL™ allows multi-store managers to easily manage core functions including data and report management, prior authorizations, inventory, intra-store transfers, and HIPAA-compliance requirements from a centralized location with complete visibility and heightened efficiency.

PrimeCENTRAL™ Features:

  • Control operations from a centralized location
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Improved inventory management
  • Centralized records management and storage
  • Enhanced patient care and customer service
  • Simplified system upgrades and maintenance

PrimeCENTRAL detailed features are listed below.

Imagine a scenario in which each of your pharmacies operated without the capability to talk to one another.  No ability to sync data and no visibility into each store's operations. It would be chaos.  PrimeCENTRAL™ provides a single host configuration that directs the flow of information to-and-from each store.  All stores operate on the same platform, using the same software, with visibility into key processes including inventory, sales performance, patient accounts, and business records. 

The three most important things in multiple pharmacy management are data, data, data!  Without access to real-time information and the ability to generate useful reports based on preferred analytics, pharmacy managers can't possibly have confidence in their store’s efficiency and performance.  PrimeCENTRAL™ allows a pharmacy manager to identify key data points, both at the individual store level and for the entire operation.  That information can be used to produce a wide range of reports, automatically generated on a pre-determined schedule.  A pharmacy manager may wish for daily reporting on "top sellers," for example, or want insight about dispensing efficiency in each store.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the types of reports available through PrimeCENTRAL™.

A pharmacy located next to a senior citizens' complex will likely have a strong demand for blood pressure and heart medications, while a pharmacy close to a children's daycare center will likely sell a high volume of antibiotics including amoxicillin and azithromycin.  Real-time access to each store's inventory allows a pharmacy manager to track supplies at each store, adjust inventories as warranted, and establish automated re-order processes with wholesalers.  PrimeCENTRAL™ allows full visibility into each store's inventory, with real-time access to sales information for all products including OTC medications and supplies.

Pharmacy managers can have confidence that all records for all stores – patient, compliance, inventory, operations, sales, claims, reimbursements – are seamlessly stored within PrimeCENTRAL™.  A pharmacy will never have to scramble to locate a document, nor will there ever be a concern about a record being "lost in cyberspace."  PrimeCENTRAL™ archives all historical records, seamlessly updates active records, and allows pharmacy managers to easily access any required document.

Patients will reward a well-managed pharmacy with loyalty and repeated business and it is essential for a multi-store pharmacy to ensure consistency of experience across each store.  That is to say, a patient should receive the same high levels of professionalism and quality service regardless of which store they choose to shop in at any given time.  PrimeCENTRAL™ allows each pharmacy to access a patient's account so loyalty points can be accrued and stored coupons can be redeemed.  In addition, a patient can easily have a prescription refill transferred to a different location, with an automated text or email generated to advise when the pickup is ready.  PrimeCENTRAL™ records all patient transactions, and seamlessly updates all patient and pharmacy records within PrimeRx™, with the option of extensive report generation.   

Since each store's technology platform is linked to the PrimeCENTRAL™ hub, all software upgrades can be implemented simultaneously.  Similarly, all system maintenance can be scheduled based on a pharmacy manager's preference, usually during the overnight hours when physical stores are closed.  Coordinated, synchronized upgrades and maintenance ensure that each store's system is high-functioning and minimizes the risk of a system disruption during store hours.