PrimeDELIVERY™ (In House/Wireless Delivery System Software)

PrimeDelivery™ provides a very efficient and robust solution for managing patient deliveries. PrimeDelivery™ increases the accuracy and efficiency in the work flow of the pharmacy with an in-house and wireless handheld module. Pharmacies can choose either one of the modules or use them both together for maximum effectiveness.
PrimeDELIVERYTM New Features
  • PrimeDeliveryTM is created to work seamlessly with both PrimeRxTM and PrimePOSTM, allowing pharmacies to quickly manage the scripts generated in the PrimeRxTM for delivery and copay collection.
  • Compatible with the latest devices such as iPad, iPad Mini, iPhones, and Androids
  • Works with 3G, 4G LTE, and Wireless Connection
  • Get Real-time delivery signatures sent remotely (Data plan on device required)
  • The Patient only has to sign once for multiple Rx delivered – they also have the option to uncheck specific scripts if they do not wish to accept Rx deliveries
  • Delivery tech captures notes such as “No one available to accept Delivery,” “Customer Refused to accept Delivery of Rx#1234567,” etc. These notes can be transferred over to PrimeRx™ as a part of ‘Delivery Notes’
  • The Data is encrypted and secure while in transit
  • Dynamic updates in PrimeRx™ Patient History – Rx in Delivery BIN, Rx in Transit, Delivery Complete
  • Delivery tech has all the required information to make the Delivery and collect the copay
  • HIPAA Compliant – No information linking the drug name to Rx# and patient
  • All Rxs are accounted for if not delivered.
  • All signatures are saved electronically in the patient’s history, saving valuable time during audits and verification of delivery
  • Prevents loss of copay and missing Rx during delivery
  • In cases where devices have a data plan, everything works in Real time
  • The Delivery tech is able to simply take the device with him/her and punch in the Rx# for the record to be pulled up. A signature for this record can be obtained upon Delivery and is then sent directly to the PrimeRx™ database and saved to the Patients History.
  • The pharmacy gets a status of the Rx being delivered in Real time.
  • The process is very simple, efficient and secure.
  • In cases, where the devices have no data plan, PrimeDelivery™ can be configured to work on the secure wireless network set in the pharmacy.
  • Once the Wireless network is set up, the Delivery tech can log in to a separate Delivery program on the Desktop and get all Rx scheduled for delivery on the device. These Rx are then stored in a batch and loaded on the actual device.
  • The Delivery tech can then go out for delivery, pull up the Rx from the batch stored on the device, and obtain the required signature for the Rx.
  • These signatures are stored on the Device and can be uploaded back in the PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System once the Delivery Tech reaches back to the pharmacy.
  • This process saves the pharmacy additional costs on data and provides them with an efficient Delivery process.
  • Signatures are saved with the Patient record, safely and securely.