PrimeDMS™ (Document Management System Software)

Prime DMS™ (Document Management System Software) allows pharmacies to scan, record and store as digital images all prescriptions, patient ID cards, insurance statements, correspondence from doctors, and all other physical documents. Prime DMS™ provides a highly accurate and convenient document retention system while freeing pharmacies of the burden of maintaining physical copies of these documents.

PrimeDMS™ Easy to Use Key Features:

  • Utilizes Windows-compatible scanners that allow you to maintain your documents in PrimeRx for secure, convenient and easy access
  • Converts documents into digital images, which are stored electronically and attached to their respective records
  • Eliminates the need to retrieve hard copies of documents for verification
  • Provides an effortless and intuitive method of scanning prescriptions
  • Prescription image displays on the screen during refilling process – allowing pharmacist a second look at a prescription to prevent dispensing errors

What Can PrimeDMS™ Do for You?

PrimeDMS™ supports 3 Rx scanning workflows:

  • Before Filling the Rx (intake process)
  • During filling an Rx
  • After filling an Rx

Scans Everything and Attaches with Different Data Elements:

  • Rx Hard-copy with Rx records
  • Delivery slips with Rx records
  • Patient ID with patient records
  • Reconciliation statements and checks with insurance (Bin No.) records
  • Drug recall letters with drug (NDC) records
  • Prescriber-related documents with prescriber records
  • The PrimeDMS™ utilizes Windows compatible scanners that allow you to record your essential documents into PrimeRx™ for quick, secure and easy access.
  • Converts paper into digital images which are then stored and attached with their respective records.
  • Eliminates the need to look up hard copies documents for verification.
  • An easy, effortless and intuitive method of scanning Rx.
  • Rx Image shows up while refilling an Rx – ensuring that the pharmacist can take a second look at the prescription to prevent potential dispensing errors.
  • PrimeDMS™ integrates with the PrimeRx™ to help perform a refill by showing the original scan of the prescription.
  • Retrieval of an Rx image for verification is a big help during audits.
  • Save time and space in the pharmacy, as PrimeDMS™ essentially eliminates filing and storing. All documents are filed digitally with their respective records.
  • Images are backed up daily, so all your documents are always available to you when you need them.
  • Stores patient information and ID on file, helping you provide a better service to your patients and eliminating the need to request such information in the future.
  • Helps in reconciliation, as all statements and checks can be scanned and attached to their respective Insurance records.
  • Ability to batch scan multiple Rx securely.

Why PrimeDMS

  • Automatically scan bar-coded delivery slips and store manual signature records with related Rx. Also marks the Rx records as “DELIVERED” at the same time.
  • Easy and intuitive method of scanning Rx that saves time and effort
  • Rx image shows up while refilling an Rx, thereby ensuring that the pharmacist can have a second look at the prescription and prevent any potential dispensing errors
  • Helps during audits, since retrieval of a Rx image is easy for verification purposes
  • Save physical space in the pharmacy since PrimeDMS™ eliminates filing and storage of paper records
    Images are backed up on a daily basis, so all your important documents are always available to you
    Stores patient information such as ID cards on file, so you don’t have call patients or request that information from them in the future
    Helps in reconciliation since all statements and checks are scanned and attached to their respective insurance records
    Ability to perform the batch scan of multiple prescriptions saves time and effort