PrimeESC™ (Electronic Signature Capture Software)

PrimeESCTM is Micro Merchant’s Electronic Signature Capture system which scans and links the patient’s signature to his or her record in the pharmacy system. Often, pharmacies have a tough time keeping a record of prescription pick up. PrimeESC™ does just that by maintaining customers’ electronic logs. The device is attached to a rotating stand and features a colored screen for pleasant and enhanced visibility.
PrimeESCTM Intuitive Performance Key Features
  • Can be combined with the PrimePOSTM to facilitate retail sales and Credit/Debit payments, making it both versatile and intuitive.
  • Tracks if the patient has signed the HIPAA Policy issued by the pharmacy, and provides accurate reports saving you time and hassle during an audit
  • Software checks if the patient has signed for the Pharmacy’s Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP) and if it finds that thepatient has not signed the policy; it gives the patient a place to sign confirming that the patient has received the pharmacy's NOPP
  • Signatures for NOPP requested automatically after six years as per HIPAA requirements.
  • One signature needed for multiple Rx
  • At one glance into the patient Patient's history, the pharmacist can tell if the Rx was picked up or still in the bin. This feature saves valuable time during a pharmacist's busy workflow day.
  • PrimeESC is capable of handling multiple Rx retrievals per customer in a single transaction.
  • The product eliminates confusion produced by processing multiple prescriptions per person and enables the pharmacist to quickly show the patient whether their order has been picked up, including the date and time.
  • By one look in the Patients history, the technician or the pharmacist can tell whether the Rx has been picked up thereby saving valuable time and effort spent in finding whether the Patient has picked up the Rx or is it still in the Pickup Bin.
  • The detailed information shows who picked up the Rx, the date and time, and how many Rxs was picked up by that patient.
  • A report is available for all Rx not picked up between dates, to return to the inventory.
  • PrimeESC™ is independent and works with no interference to the pharmacist.
  • It tracks if the patient has signed the HIPAA Policy issued by the pharmacy and provides accurate reports, saving you time and hassle during an audit.
  • Run reports to see when certain prescriptions were picked up between certain dates, returning the rest to the inventory.
  • Detailed information as to whether or not the Rx was picked up, who picked it up, at what date and time, and how many Rx were picked up by that patient on that day.