PrimeESC™ Electronic Signature Capture Software

PrimeESC™ Electronic Signature Capture System

PrimeESC™ scans and links the patient’s signature to his/her record in the pharmacy system. Often, pharmacies have a tough time keeping a record of prescription pick up. PrimeESC™ is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based electronic signature and data capture tool built for maintaining customers’ electronic logs. The device is attached to a rotating stand and features a colored screen for pleasant and enhanced visibility. PrimeESC is a pharmacy HIPAA-compliant, web-based electronic signature solution.

PrimeESC™ Intuitive Performance Key Features

  • Can be combined with PrimePOS™ to facilitate retail sales and credit/debit payments, making the process both versatile and intuitive
  • Tracks and accurately records patient signatures of pharmacy-issued HIPAA policies, which saves time and avoids hassles during an audit
  • Determines if the patient has signed the pharmacy’s Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP).  If the policy has not been signed, the system provides a place for the patient to sign and confirm receipt of the NOPP.  NOPP signatures requested automatically after six years, in accordance with HIPAA requirements. PrimeESC is a pharmacy HIPAA-compliant, web-based electronic solution.
  • One signature required for multiple prescriptions
  • “Quick glance” visibility into a patient’s history indicates if a prescription has been picked up, or is still in the bin.  This feature saves valuable time during a pharmacist’s busy day.


    • PrimeESC™ can process multiple prescription Rx retrievals per patient in a single transaction.
    • Eliminates confusion that can result when processing multiple prescriptions per person. The pharmacist can quickly advise a patient if an order has been picked up, and provide the date and time.
    • Technician or pharmacist can quickly check a patient’s history to determine if a prescription has been picked up. This saves valuable time by avoiding wasteful searches through the pickup bin.
    • Detailed information indicates the person who picked up a prescription, as well as the time and date, and the number of prescriptions picked up by that individual. 
    • A report is available for all prescriptions not picked up during a specific time period and indicates drugs returned to inventory

    • PrimeESC™ is independent and does not interfere with pharmacist’s daily routine. 
    • Tracks whether a patient has signed the pharmacy-issued HIPAA Policy, and provides accurate reports.  These saves time and eliminates hassles, especially during an audit.
    • Reports can be generated to determine prescription pick-up activity, including pickups during certain time periods, and drugs returned to inventory.
    • Detailed information indicating whether or not a prescription was picked up, the name of the person who made the pickup, the date and time of the transaction, and the number of prescriptions picked up by that individual.