PrimeMD™ Web Portal

PrimeMD™ Web Portal

PrimeMD™ is a web portal that provides secure access to various caregivers such as physicians, nursing home administrators and staff, sales representatives, and pharmacists (the web portal administrator). This allows caregivers access to patient data in an interactive view that makes it easy to make essential decisions regarding patient care instead of trying to access to this data over phone or fax. PrimeMD™ can be used in a variety of institutions - specialty pharmacies, closed-door pharmacies, pharmacies supporting LTC/ALF, compounding and retail pharmacies can all use this tool to connect pharmacies, facilities, patients, and staff in a safe, secure manner and HIPAA compliant manner.

PrimeWEB™ Key Features:

  • Login access from any PC, tablet, smartphone or internet-connected device
  • Send refill requests directly to the PrimeRx™ Refill queue
  • Print Medication Administrative Records (MARS) and Physician Order Sheets (POS) directly from the web portal
  • Patient access to full prescription profile and history
  • Enhanced security authentication requirements
  • Secure access to patient history (refills, documents, Rx pick up info, etc.)
  • Dashboard for physicians to check the status of an prescription within the pharmacy workflow
  • Dashboard for sales reps to track the status of prescription within the pharmacy workflow

Why PrimeMD™?

  • Patient adherence is facilitated by allowing the patient to access full prescription profile and request refills on one simple screen.
  • Refill requests from patients, doctors and facilities are populated instantly in PrimeRx™ refill queue. No emails or faxes needed. Facilitates enhanced workflow and control through PrimeRx™.
  • Ability to view scanned prescriptions and pickup signatures on via the web portal.
  • Ability to print Medication Administrative Records (MAR) and Physician Order Sheets (POS) directly from the web portal on plain paper.
  • The ability for nurses to record and maintain time of medication administration. This ensures the ability to generate reports to monitor facility QA processes.
  • Saves time for the facility and pharmacy by eliminating the need for phone calls to check on progress of different workflow related items.
  • The pharmacy can control page content and provide images and specials for promotion.
  • Patients can order new prescriptions or refills
  • Patients can check and compare web interface allows patients to view and print their pharmacy profile

Physicians & Providers

  • Providers can log into PrimeMD™ and view the profile of a particular patient by filtering all their prescriptions.
  • Providers can complete a new prescription for a specific patient and transmit it directly to the pharmacy.
  • Providers save time and effort by using previously filed prescriptions as templates for new prescriptions.
  • The facility can log in and view profiles of patients affiliated with that particular facility
  • The facility can order refills for a particular patient.
  • The facility can check the status of a prescription.
  • The facility can print the packing list for a particular day.
  • Pharmacists can remotely interface PrimeRx ™ with only an internet connection
  • Pharmacies can advertise their specials