PrimePOS™ Pharmacy Point of Sale Software

PrimePOS Point of Sale Software for Pharmacies Nationwide

World-Class Pharmacy Point of Sale Tools

Micro Merchant Systems offers the PrimePOS™ Point of Sale Software to pharmacies nationwide. The PrimePOS™ software solution ensures fast, accurate, and seamless point-of-sale transactions. PrimePOS™ fully integrates with the PrimeRx™ pharmacy system to record transactions and manage inventory. Our PrimePOS™ system is a HIPAA-compliant Point of Sale tool that works with credit card payment processing vendors; Open Edge, Worldpay (Vantiv & First Mile), Heartland, and Elavon.

Automate Operational Routines to Focus More on Patient Care

Discover how PrimePOS can help you spend less time on paperwork, accounting, inventory management, sales recordkeeping, and much more. PrimePOS is continually upgraded, with new capabilities that offer increasingly flexible and innovative solutions. Most recently, PrimePOS was upgraded to allow contactless co-pay collections. This is accomplished by extending our PrimeRxPAY contactless payment solution to PrimePOS, allowing accessibility via the pharmacy's POS screen. Previously, PrimeRxPAY could only be accessed via a cellphone. Additional capabilities include:

Real-Time Sales Information
  • Instant access to all sales activities, including pharmacy and non-pharmacy transactions
  • Enhanced visibility allows managers to base reordering decisions on real-time data
  • Better insight with regard to front-end sales volume
Real-time Inventory Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration with wholesaler systems to seamlessly automate and manage ordering processes
  • Direct wholesaler integration for automated, seamless reordering process
  • Ability to easily adjust inventory levels as new products are received, and expired or obsolete items are removed
  • Identify best-selling products, along with slow movers
  • Managing your physical inventory
  • Full inventory visibility
Data-based Decision-Making
  • Extensive report generation capabilities
  • Customized reports generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or any other specified period
Pricing Accuracy
  • Auto-update pricing feature ensures consistency and accuracy of product pricing
Payments and Returns
  • Payment processing for credit and debit cards, along with FSA/HSA cards
  • Encrypted technology allows for Apple Pay and Android Pay processing
  • Seamless processing of product returns
Electronic Signature Capability
  • Capture of HIPAA-compliant electronic signatures at checkout
  • The ability for staff to verify patient signatures
  • All accepted signatures automatically appended to patients' records
Pseudoephedrine Sale Capability
  • Automated sales tracing for pseudoephedrine compliance reporting
  • Scan and store patients' driver's licenses or other forms of ID
Loyalty Program Management
  • Create a customized loyalty program
  • Seamlessly manage each patient's rewards account
  • Avoid the cost of a third-party program administrator
Enhanced Customer Service
  • Manage patient/customer loyalty programs, including point accumulation, special pricing, or "buy one get one free" offers.
  • Your customized rewards program can be configured in PrimePOS, with benefits automatically awarded to participants.
Extensive Reporting Capabilities
  • On-demand sales tax reports for secure transmission to your accountant
  • End-of-day reports detail activities accurately across a broad spectrum of departments and categories
  • Plus, a vast library of standard or customized reports is available to give you valuable insight into the purchases being made at your store.
PrimeRxPay Online Payment
  • PrimeRxPay functionality is available within the PrimePOS. Send a payment request via SMS or Email to the patient allowing them to pay for their prescription on their mobile device or computer. After the customer has paid for their prescriptions, then the transaction can be completed on the PrimePOS.

PrimePOS Key Benefits

PrimePOS is designed with productivity in mind. Here are a few PrimePOS key benefits:

  • Automate your sales tracings for pseudoephedrine compliance reporting through the PrimeRx/PrimePOS interface.
  • PrimePOS encrypted devices are enabled to take all forms of payment (Credit, Debit, and Flexible Spending Account).
    • Without the ability to connect your POS device to your Pharmacy Management System, you may miss out on the ability to process FSA transactions and accept FSA payments. PrimePOS interfaces directly with PrimeRx to make using your patients' FSA accounts seamless to your pharmacy operations and convenient for your customers.
  • Using our PrimePOS with PrimeRx, you can bypass using 3rd party loyalty programs as PrimeRx already has a loyalty program built into the Pharmacy Management System that interfaces with the PrimePOS system to make your loyalty program function as automated as your pharmacy management software with no added costs for external loyalty program management.
  • If you deliver prescriptions to your patients, you can ensure that you are not hit with higher transaction fees through the PrimePOS tokenization interface with PrimeRx.
      • Without the ability to tokenize your transactions, your deliveries could be costing you more per transaction as many credit card processors charge a higher non-swipe transaction fee when a card swipe transaction is not used. Through the PrimePOS/PrimeRx interface, you can set up and administer tokenization programs to ensure your delivery charges will be captured at the lower per-swipe transaction rate.
  • Through the PrimeDELIVERY module, your pharmacy can swipe all forms of card payments from a data-enabled pad or phone that communicates the charges and signature directly back into your PrimeRx Pharmacy Management and PrimePOS Point of Sale systems.

The Nation’s Trusted Pharmacy Technology Company

Micro Merchant Systems is an industry leader in innovative pharmacy software solutions. Our PrimeRx management systems allow pharmacies nationwide to optimize dispensing accuracy, increase revenue and profitability, enhance pharmacy operations, and facilitate world-class customer service. We know no two pharmacies are alike and have partnered with thousands of pharmacies offering customized management tools to meet their individual needs. Contact us today to schedule a demo

  • Ability to monitor Pseudoephedrine (PSE) sales, including a facilitated process to capture patient driver’s license information.
    • Enhanced security by restricting employee access to certain register functions.
    • Advanced patient signature capture capability. The signature appears on the screen after the patient has finished writing (not during).  Cashier then confirms and accepts the signature. and completes the transaction.
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Compatible with Flex Spending Account (FSA) cards.
      • PrimePOS™, PrimeESC™, and PrimeRx™ seamlessly integrate to provide high-quality customer experiences, including a quick and hassle-free pick-up process.
      • A single-source solution for pharmacy Customer Loyalty Program.  Your customized rewards program can be configured in PrimePOS™, with benefits automatically awarded to participants.
      • Ability to review complete patient histories via PrimeRx™.  This includes fast access to “prescription picked up/not picked up” records along with accompanying signatures collected through PrimePOS™.
      • Point-of-sale transactions automatically applied to charge accounts maintained in PrimeRx™.  In addition, payments received through PrimePOS™ can be applied to PrimeRx™ charge accounts.
      • Ability to print gift receipts for all payment methods.
      • Configure sales periods during which reduced prices will be charged on select products.  Prices will automatically revert back at the conclusion of the sale period.
      • Print shelf stickers for every product in your inventory.
      • Set pricing based on your preferences, rather than on wholesaler-defined rates.
      • Apply discounts to over-the-counter (OTC) items without affecting prescription medicines included in the same transaction.
      • Track prescriptions for which copays have been collected, and those that have co-pays outstanding.
      • “Time Sheet” feature allows you to calculate employee hours over a designated period.
      • Manage over the counter (OTC) product inventory
      • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration with wholesaler systems to seamlessly automate and manage ordering processes.
      • Ability to identify best-selling products, along with slow movers.
      • Compatibility with devices including hand-held scanners and the Surface Pro 3 tablet to simplify the physical inventory process.
      • On-demand sales tax reports for easy transmission to your accountant.
      • End-of-day reports accurately detail activities across a broad spectrum of departments/categories.