PrimePOS™ (Point Of Sale System Software)

PrimePOSTM is Micro Merchant’s Point of Sale system built for quick and precise customer check-outs. PrimePOSTM fully integrates with PrimeRx™, our core pharmacy software, to help pharmacies manage their inventory more efficiently. It keeps in-house theft in check and provides complete accountability of daily operations
PrimePOSTM New Features
  • New Modern Theme - Background Color updated to White and Light Grey with Rectangular Buttons for a Minimal Look
  • Colored Clickable Shortcut Tags for Clear Visibility
  • Newly Designed Sales Transaction and Payment Screen for Easier Workflow that Fits all Screen Resolutions from 800PX x 600PX to 1920PX x 1080PX
  • Users can print gift receipts for all payment types.
  • Ability to enter item details when processing 855 file
  • Display Bin number appears on the POS transaction screen with Rx is scanned.
  • A new button added on POS transaction screen to look up transactions without the need to remember any shortcuts
  • Complete integration of Rx check-out with PrimePOS™, PrimeESC™, and PrimeRx™ all working together.
  • Security rights over what employees can and cannot do on the register.
  • Sales Tax Report available on demand for the accounting department
  • Review Rx copays that have been collected and not collected
  • Receive End of day reports with accurate detail of proceeds collected for each department/category.
  • Find out which items are moving fast, and which are moving slow.
  • Define sale periods during which items are adjusted to sale pricing, and after the sale period is over, the pricing will once again go back to its defined price.
  • Print shelf stickers for every item and manage to price according to your preferences rather than the wholesalers defined pricing.
  • Provide discounts to OTC items without cuts being applied to Rx in the same transaction.
  • Charge Accounts in PrimeRx™ and PrimePOS are recognized all transactions.
  • Accept payments towards those charge accounts in PrimePOS and apply them directly in PrimeRx.
  • See the customers signature on the screen AFTER the patient has signed. The cashier then can confirm and complete the transaction.
  • FSA cards are accepted
  • Monitor PSE (Pseudoephedrine) sales
  • A cashier can ENTER (not scan) the Driver’s license information and capture it for all PSE sales
  • In PrimeRx™, review all Rxs picked-up or not in the Patient History and view the signatures in PrimePOS.
  • Use the Time-Sheet to calculate the number of hours employees worked during a certain period.
  • Use a tablet hooked up to a handheld scanner to scan items in for vendors who do not support EDI or complete a Physical Inventory in your store.
  • Complete inventory control for OTC products.
  • The system keeps tabs on all products in stock to maintain a certain inventory level.
  • Introduce Customer Loyalty Program to the pharmacy and provide its benefits to patients and customers.
  • Complete EDI integration with wholesalers to control and automate ordering process.
Nothing is more critical to Micro Merchant Systems than ensuring complete user satisfaction. We provide comprehensive training and tutorial materials matched with renowned 24/7 support to provide customers with all the tools possible to maximize use of Micro Merchant System products.