PrimePOS™ Point of Sale Software

PrimePOS™ Point Of Sale System

The PrimePOS™ software solution ensures fast, accurate and seamless point-of-sale transactions.  PrimePOS™ fully integrates with the PrimeRx™ core pharmacy system to record transactions and manage inventory.  Our PrimePOS™ system is HIPPA-compliant and offers your pharmacy a win-win solution.  Patients benefit from a highly satisfying check-out experience, while pharmacy records are updated, analyzed, and stored.

PrimePOS™ Performance Attributes

  • Color-coded, clickable shortcut tags for easy identification
  • Display bin number automatically appears on POS screen when the prescription is scanned
  • Easy transaction lookup by hitting a designated button on the POS screen
  • Enter item details while processing 855 file
  • User-friendly sales transaction and payment screens for easier workflows
  • Fits all screen resolutions from 800PX x 600PX to 1920PX x 1080PX
  • Ability to monitor Pseudoephedrine (PSE) sales, including a facilitated process to capture patient driver’s license information.
    • Enhanced security by restricting employee access to certain register functions.
    • Advanced patient signature capture capability. The signature appears on the screen after the patient has finished writing (not during).  Cashier then confirms and accepts the signature. and completes the transaction.
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Compatible with Flex Spending Account (FSA) cards.
      • PrimePOS™, PrimeESC™, and PrimeRx™ seamlessly integrate to provide high-quality customer experiences, including a quick and hassle-free pick-up process.
      • A single-source solution for pharmacy Customer Loyalty Program.  Your customized rewards program can be configured in PrimePOS™, with benefits automatically awarded to participants.
      • Ability to review complete patient histories via PrimeRx™.  This includes fast access to “prescription picked up/not picked up” records along with accompanying signatures collected through PrimePOS™.
      • Point-of-sale transactions automatically applied to charge accounts maintained in PrimeRx™.  In addition, payments received through PrimePOS™ can be applied to PrimeRx™ charge accounts.
      • Ability to print gift receipts for all payment methods.
      • Configure sales periods during which reduced prices will be charged on select products.  Prices will automatically revert back at the conclusion of the sale period.
      • Print shelf stickers for every product in your inventory.
      • Set pricing based on your preferences, rather than on wholesaler-defined rates.
      • Apply discounts to over-the-counter (OTC) items without affecting prescription medicines included in the same transaction.
      • Track prescriptions for which copays have been collected, and those that have co-pays outstanding.
      • “Time Sheet” feature allows you to calculate employee hours over a designated period.
      • Manage over the counter (OTC) product inventory
      • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration with wholesaler systems to seamlessly automate and manage ordering processes.
      • Ability to identify best-selling products, along with slow movers.
      • Compatibility with devices including hand-held scanners and the Surface Pro 3 tablet to simplify the physical inventory process.
      • On-demand sales tax reports for easy transmission to your accountant.
      • End-of-day reports accurately detail activities across a broad spectrum of departments/categories.