PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management Software

PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System

Intuitive Pharmacy Management Solutions

Micro Merchants Systems has developed PrimeRx, an industry-leading pharmacy management software system designed specifically for today’s busy pharmacies nationwide. PrimeRx provides a comprehensive solution that encompasses complete customer relationship management control from a single platform, serving as the backbone of a pharmacy. It provides essential functions, including patient and provider intake, prescription processing, workflow management, claims processing, labeling & dispensing, inventory management, and patient record management. Prime Rx also offers unique capabilities for long-term pharmacies, compounding and specialty pharmacies, along with digital & mail-order pharmacies. PrimeRx is a total pharmacy dispensing software that enhances overall pharmacy productivity and customer relationship management.

Why PrimeRx Features Superior Benefits

The PrimeRx platform was developed in direct response to pharmacist needs. Pharmacists expressed the need for a user-friendly, technology-based solution to add efficiency to their work, automate key processes, and serve patients better. PrimeRx meets those requirements and regularly adds functionality to accommodate the changing needs of today's pharmacies. We regard PrimeRx as a continually evolving solution.

  • Simple, scalable, and intelligent
  • Customizable workflows to optimize pharmacy operations
  • Automated processes to drive user efficiencies
  • Tools to facilitate 5-Star ratings, medication synchronization, clinical assessments, patient commutation, and business analytics functions
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enabled for ordering, inventory, and reconciliation
  • Built-in security manager/audit trail
  • Windows platform

PrimeRx Automated Refill Management System Key Features:

  • Fill electronic prescriptions by reviewing existing patient, prescriber, and drug inventory data
  • "At a glance" visibility of all refill management processes through a Refill Compliance Dashboard. The dashboard can be customized to include preferred metrics, including scheduled refills, missed refills, expired refills, and Med Sync Rx.
  • Automatically queues each day’s scheduled refills
  • RxSync – Sync all refills to a particular date
  • Return to Stock Queue – Prescriptions not picked up by patients will be flagged, the system quickly updates to reflect missed pickups, and drugs added back to inventory

Customized Workflow Management and Reports

  • Inventory management
  • The reconciliation process ensures you will never miss a payment
  • Bin management feature facilitates prescription pickup process
  • Seamless management of incoming prescriptions
  • Generate electronic orders with wholesalers based on your customized drug ordering parameters
  • Ability to show cost comparisons between wholesalers
  • Automatically update true cost from EDI files received from a wholesaler(s)
  • Ensure compliance with all state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Automatic backups of all data; Remote server access in case of emergency

New Remote Signature Capabilities for PrimeRx

PrimeRx users will now have the ability to select a group of prescriptions and send them for remote signatures via text directly to the patient, thus allowing the patient to sign as acceptance of those prescriptions on their smartphones. Once the patient submits their signature, the signature is sent securely to the pharmacy to be saved in PrimeRx in real-time. Through Remote Signature Capture, a patient's prescription can be delivered, even if the patient is not available to sign for the package.  Instead, an advance electronic signature request is sent to the individual, who then provides an electronic signature that is automatically transmitted back to the pharmacy and uploaded to the patient record.

The Key Feature of Remote Signature Capabilities

Our new Remote Signature Capture capability reflects the reality of today's busy pharmacy, where deliveries have become customer expectations, but patients are not always able to be present when a delivery occurs. Pharmacies can be assured of capturing and recording required signatures, and patients can enjoy the flexibility of not having to be homebound, waiting for a prescription to be delivered.

Effortless Intuition for Customer Relationship Management

PrimeRx from Micro Merchant Systems offers best-in-class capabilities to help combat fallout from conflicting medications. The system intuitively recognizes potential medication conflicts and alerts the pharmacist to the potential problem. Users can easily access and update patient records and capture critical notes and observations about patient wellbeing. This expanded capability allows pharmacists to make note of any non-prescription drugs or supplements a patient may be taking, which may conflict with prescribed medication. PrimeRx allows pharmacies to seamlessly transfer patient updates to other healthcare team members so that all prescribers will have this critical information.

Access to National Drug Code and Other Databases

Pharmacies have long recognized the need for immediate access to the National Drug Code (NDC) directory as a way to verify prescribed medications and list proper drug codes on all documentation. The NDC directory will be an integral part of the federal government's "supply chain certification" requirements. In addition, pharmacies must have access to the required FDA databases to validate trading partners' proper licensing and certification. PrimeRx offers seamless access to this information and allows pharmacy staff to quickly confirm and document all required information.

Drug Reference Guide: PrimeRx includes an interface to Clinical Pharmacology, a leading medical search engine and drug reference guide offered by Elsevier. Powered by ClinicalKey, the system integrates with the pharmacy's daily workflow to assist pharmacists in dispensing decisions. Key capabilities include:

Drug Class Overviews, Custom Reports, Drug Monographs, Drug Images, IV Compatibility, Toxicology Resource, & Advanced search technology with automatic suggestions that rapidly present relevant information.

PrimeRx also interfaces with PDR by ConnectiveRx, which provides seamless access to the Physicians' Desk Reference, a trusted reference source for all medical professionals

Premium Packaging

PrimeRx™ includes seamless access to adherence packaging providers, including RxSafe and TCGRx, which allow medications to be dispensed in patient-friendly containers, with user-friendly usage instructions.

Prescriber Validation Service

PrimeRx includes a Prescriber Validation Service (PVS), which allows pharmacies to seamlessly verify the federal and state licensing credentials of a physician who prescribes a controlled substance. This is a required prerequisite for dispensing controlled substances, but PrimeRx goes beyond to also determine if a prescriber is listed on the Office of the Inspector General's List of Excluded Individuals or any state licensing exclusionary lists. This allows a pharmacist who may have a history of over-prescribing medications for elderly patients.

Micro Merchant Systems: Software Without Limits

As important as technology may be in the battle against adverse drug reactions, it is no match for the power of one-on-one pharmacist/patient interactions. Pharmacists will continue to be on the front lines in helping patients understand their medications and sounding the alarm when an inappropriate or conflicting medication has been prescribed. But with technology to fall back on, pharmacists have an important ally in winning this fight. Our motto at Micro Merchant Systems is “software without limits,” which is our testament to our continual improvement and innovation. Get in touch with us today.

  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Specialty Pharmacies
  • Compounding Pharmacies
  • Long-Term-Care Pharmacies
  • Closed-Door Pharmacies
  • Mail-Order Pharmacies
  • 340B Pharmacies
  • Hospital – Outpatient Pharmacies
  • Physician’s Office Pharmacies
  • RxSync – Sync all refills to one date (facilitate the ABM-Appointment Based Model)
  • Interface with Mirixa, and have Mirixa’s medication therapy management (MTM) programs delivered directly to PrimeRx™
  • Refill compliance
  • Outbound calls, text messages, and emails allow easy communication with patients regarding refill and dosage alerts, and pickup notifications.  System also allows for transmission of birthday greetings and other personalized messages to patients.
  • Patient Medication Adherence Reports provide immediate identification of patients at risk of non-adherence, and those not compliant with refill routines.
  • Improved Pharmacy Star Rating – Better insight into which patients are non-adherent will help address underlying causes.  This in turn will positively affect overall pharmacy performance.
  • Calculation of PDC/MPR Values – Easily calculate medication possession ratios (MPR) and proportion of days covered (PDC) values to determine adherence rates.  PDC/MPR measures can be determined either at the patient level, or for an entire population.

    • FillMyRefills – Allow patients to easily request refills through an app/web-based refill routing service.
    • Remote Backup Service – Backup all data securely and safely to a cloud server.
    • Prescriber Validation Service – Easily identify active/inactive prescribers in real time. Validation service will verify prescriber credentials, and note any class restrictions or sanctions.  with their class restrictions (if any)
    • Clinical Pharmacology – Online reference guide that is accepted by boards of pharmacy in all 50 states.  Clinical Pharmacology provides a compendium that fulfills drug reference requirements for licensed pharmacies.
    • Patient Counseling –   Provide patients easy access to critical information on key health and drug-related topics.  Information is accessible in as many as 16 different languages.
    • State and federal drug databases -- Module allows pharmacies direct access to current state and federal prescription drug-related databases
    • Pre/ Post-Editing Services – Reduce incidence of documentation errors and save time by pre-populating certain fields (i.e. pharmacy name and address).  Editing services also identify variables that could affect a pharmacy’s rate of reimbursement.
    • e-Voucher – Patient assistance service whereby rebates and other savings are automatically applied, thereby reducing patient out-of-pocket costs.
      Prescription Price Analyzer–Review and compare pricing for prescription drugs and other common pharmacy products.

    • Certified by Surescripts to handle EPCS (Electronic Processing of Controlled Substances) transactions.
    • Controlled Substance Reporting automatically tracks CSR information and uploads file to the appropriate state agency (where permitted).
    • Multiple Language Module – Supports patient counseling in as many as 16 different languages.

    Pharmacies face an ongoing challenge to protect patient health information (PHI).  While manual logs and handwritten prescriptions are being replaced by electronic records, opportunities still exist for PHI breaches to occur.  Pharmacies can be especially vulnerable when receiving prescriptions from physicians, or when transmitting information to insurers.

    PrimeRx™ helps pharmacies protect patient information with several important tools:

    • Our PrimeFax600 system allows easy management of the important fax communications that flow between pharmacies, medical offices, and health care facilities.
    • PrimeFax allows you to send, receive, add notes, digitally sign and manage faxes without printing a single hard copy document. Safely manage the critical flow of faxes with our powerful, HIPPAA compliant, flexible and easy to use solution.
    • Electronic Signature Capture prevents unintentional exposure of sensitive information
    • PrimeRx™ allows pharmacies to receive prescriptions electronically via a secure web portal.  Incoming prescriptions are seamlessly moved to a folder located on the pharmacy’s network.
    • PrimeRx™ can process multiple transactions simultaneously, which means physicians’ offices will never encounter a busy signal when attempting to fax a prescription.

    PrimeRx™ is an innovative, comprehensive pharmacy technology solution that offers important benefits including:

    • Prescription efficiency
    • Reduced dispensing errors
    • Integrated patient records management (which can help identify medication synchronization candidates)
    • Patient medication adherence reports (which can help improve CMS rating)
    • Improved claims processing and insurance management for increased revenue and profitability.

    Key PrimeRx™ modules include:

    • Surescripts®/E-Prescribing module (EPCS Certified)
    • Nursing Home/LTC module
    • Compounding module
    • House charge module
    • Multi-language support
    • Inventory module
    • Refill Management suite
    • Medication Synchronization
    • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
    • Electronic Data Integration (EDI) with wholesalers for true cost and inventory management
    • Pill Images
    • Integration with unit dose packaging companies
    • Integration with robots
    • Integration with interactive voice response (IVR) companies
    • Text alerts and much more…

    DIR fees remain a top concern for pharmacies, and with little regulatory or legislative relief in sight, pharmacists are turning to their technology systems to help mitigate the effects.   PrimeRx™ users can find several helpful capabilities that include:

    • The ability to review prior-year records as a way to  anticipate the amount of fees that may be assessed in the current year.
    • Comprehensive records management that allows seamless access to applicable claims, and data on drug ingredient costs.  That information can be matched against each PBM's process for determining DIR fees.
    • E-Care Plan capability, which allows pharmacies to document the broad scope of services provided to patients.  This improves the pharmacy's 5-Star appeal, and may help reduce DIR fee assessments.

    As pharmacists continue to advocate for long-term relief from DIR fees, PrimeRx™ can help manage the financial impact of these onerous fees on their operations.

    Patient Communication

    • Outbound calling, text/SMS messaging
    • Inbound communication allows patients to respond via prompts
    • Emails to communicate information related to refilling schedules, dosage alerts, and pickup availability
    • Birthday greetings and other personalized messages sent via email or text/SMS message

    My PrimeRx Owners App

    • YOU determine the information you need, and updates are provided in real-time

    Report Generation

    • Customized reports to support pharmacy’s unique needs
    • Daily log provides a comprehensive report of each day’s activities
    • Customized business analytics
    • Identify key metrics and receive regular reports relevant to that data.
    • Business intelligence reports built into the system - why pay extra to third-party vendors?


    • Keep your pharmacy open 24/7 by scheduling repeating processes including such as refills, data backups, and automated report emails.
    • Calculate PDC/MPR values for your patients individually or by group
    • Patient medication adherence reports that contribute to pharmacy star ratings
    • Interface with Mirixa and Outcomes: MTM opportunities delivered to PrimeRx™
    • Optimize profits by utilizing adherence features

    Enhanced Pharmacy Specialty Software 

    • Specialty Rx ID patient management, drug performance dashboard, and customized workflows

    Build Patient Loyalty

    • Patient management and refill dashboard, quick refill, and intelligent R.Ph verify