PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory Services

PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory Management

Multiple Inventory Management for Pharmacies

The PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory management solution addresses a critical reality in today’s pharmacies: Drugs often have different pricing structures, depending on plan and pricing program requirements. This means a pharmacy must have an effective way of managing separate inventories from each source while maintaining visibility into the overall inventory function.

PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory is the pharmacy inventory management software that provides that capability with an impressive, user-friendly solution allowing pharmacies to set up and manage distinct inventories, all within the PrimeRx™ operating system. This enables pharmacies nationwide to easily manage inventory sources, such as wholesalers, regarding activity for both retail patients and 340B patients.

How the PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory System Works

The PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory management system from Micro Merchant Systems allows a particular wholesaler to have several inventories associated with it, with each inventory "bucket" linked. This linkage enables the pharmacy to easily access the wholesaler's overall drug activity.

In addition, pharmacies can now assign specific inventory sources to specific facilities for both retail and 340B patients. If a patient is associated with a particular facility, the pharmacy can link the patient with that facility. This allows the appropriate inventory source to automatically appear during the data entry process.

What the Multiple Inventory System Can Do For You

Micro Merchant System’s PrimeRx™ Multiple Inventory software has many remarkable capabilities, including:

  • Manage 340B inventory with proper physical counts and the ability to inventory drugs for recounting
  • The ability to handle 832 files. This includes the ability to create different price structures for the same drug
  • Create purchase orders within each inventory bucket
  • Set 340B drug costs within a 340B inventory bucket
  • Manage cost individually within each inventory for the same drug
  • Manage separate price schedules by inventory for the same drug
  • Set inventory bucket “rules” by vendor
  • Set inventory bucket “rules” for each facility
  • Filter drugs within the drug search function by managed inventory or stock quantity for each inventory
  • Customize inventory settings to accommodate a pharmacy’s preferences
  • View all inventory sources for a specific drug via the expanded inventory window within the PrimeRx™ drug profile.

Multiple Inventory: The Answer to Pharmacists’ Requests

Micro Merchant Systems developed the PrimeRx™ multiple pharmacy inventory management solution in response to direct requests from pharmacists nationwide. Pharmacists asked for a way to easily create and manage multiple inventories, but in a way that made sense, was easy to use, and added efficiency to daily workflows. Multiple Inventory provides that solution with the same comprehensive functionality and user-friendly interface that pharmacies expect from the PrimeRx™ management system. With our multiple pharmacy inventory management system, pharmacies throughout the country now have the ability to utilize convenient, customizable, and easy-to-operate software to handle several inventories with ease. Contact us today to schedule a demo.